Teens Injured in Bloody Hazing Incident

Washington police say the victims were talking part in an initiation for a high school group.
1:51 | 06/24/13

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Transcript for Teens Injured in Bloody Hazing Incident
The photos show James -- but these body beaten and bloody it's torture. His dad team's senior tells me it happened Monday night at a park near -- more bird or cigarettes. And cigars. When a group of high school seniors he's the son and six other junior's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Went snohomish county deputies arrived on scene they say they found some of the teenagers shirtless and hypodermic. James senior tells me his son was blindfolded and had no idea he didn't know that that was their turf. -- -- But he needs that he couldn't say anything because it sets -- -- -- -- that it. -- who's trying out for a group called the naked. Vikings they're not officially sanctioned by -- more hide but school officials allowed them to -- football and basketball games anyway. And now this. -- to win you helped create the naked vikings back in 1995 tells me he's never been a part of -- I. The photos of James junior suggests a brutal beating hit with a headless golf club he says they also beat him with one of -- PVC pipe you think this might hurt. Today a spokesperson with the North Shore school district tells me the naked vikings are now banned. In a statement they added we are deeply disturbed by the actions of these few individuals. Our thoughts are with the students who were injured and their families however. You hold them responsible to our own death. James says he blames school officials for not protecting his son he also blames the kids accused of doing this they deserved of the funds. This is thought. The justices -- little.

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{"id":19472126,"title":"Teens Injured in Bloody Hazing Incident","duration":"1:51","description":"Washington police say the victims were talking part in an initiation for a high school group.","url":"/US/video/teens-injured-bloody-hazing-incident-19472126","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}