Teen's Punch Leaves Soccer Ref in Coma

Utah police say Ricardo Portillo, 46, was punched after calling a foul on a 17-year-old player.
1:37 | 05/03/13

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Transcript for Teen's Punch Leaves Soccer Ref in Coma
It wasn't just -- and it was part Joanna -- -- -- her two sisters are simply heartbroken. -- toughest apple -- that person is a seventeen year old who police say out of anger took a swing at Ricard report DO. Ricardo is now in the hospital with a brain injury. I think that we have a pretty good idea about what's going on with him. This is what is really a minute ago you know. His doctors are limited. Because of a criminal investigation police say Ricardo was refereeing at this soccer field last Saturday when he made -- call that a player didn't like with one swing Ricardo went down Joanna says her father have been hurt on the field before. So she didn't think much of the injury. Saturday wouldn't be dot com -- -- that it was. It wasn't us. We -- like okay they're called out to vote and now he's in the UK. It -- and. Right now Ricardo is basically in a coma and is daughters fear he won't make it a thought that invokes not only sadness. But anger is just not there were older and have fun. -- going kill each other Joanna says soccer was her father's great passion but he never thought he might loses life over -- Now Joanna just -- one thing justice. -- -- -- -- -- It's not enough they're kind of remind -- Just don't want to get out annuity and I don't want them to -- and other people and I don't want another battle -- this thing because we are a pain they feel is senseless.

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{"id":19100529,"title":"Teen's Punch Leaves Soccer Ref in Coma","duration":"1:37","description":"Utah police say Ricardo Portillo, 46, was punched after calling a foul on a 17-year-old player.","url":"/US/video/teens-punch-leaves-soccer-referee-coma-19100529","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}