Tennessee National Guard Shooting: 2 Injured

A National Guardsman suspected in the shooting of two soldiers was tackled and taken into custody.
1:57 | 10/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tennessee National Guard Shooting: 2 Injured
Unfortunate that we're having a crisis situation. Black this. Won't send out -- My my sincere concern to the families the two soldiers Guardsmen that we had injured today. We had a national Guardsmen. That -- appeared to be a was armed and shot two recover recruiters. Today and both have received nonlife threatening injuries are being treated and hopefully something will be released from hospital. We are working hand in cooperation with the with the -- and naval base. Here and also win the with the FBI. In the investigation. -- -- cents. We'll continue to provide cooperation with -- -- and and continue our own internal investigation. We we we hope that. That that the two victims we'll we'll we'll we'll soon be recovered and -- be -- war. Well it did just concerns me today. You don't what's happened to all over the world and in Washington DC at the Washington navy yard. And you never think that something like this is gonna happen -- -- your -- -- orient and in good no good old Tennessee here. And unfortunately it did happen and so. One of them one of the great things and one of the positives that can be taken out of this today is -- fact of the cooperation in the trying and it has gone on in the active shooter scenario. And we've gone over there throughout the Tennessee National Guard. The militant naval station here in our commander that's -- absolute splendid job. -- like they're trying known as they practice stoning the milling and police department responded. Within seconds not minutes within six. And the suspect was that was apprehended. And that taken into custody. And in an investigation team.

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{"id":20676433,"title":"Tennessee National Guard Shooting: 2 Injured","duration":"1:57","description":"A National Guardsman suspected in the shooting of two soldiers was tackled and taken into custody.","url":"/US/video/tennessee-national-guard-shooting-injured-20676433","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}