Texas Assistant Principal Accused of Sex With Student

Former Spring High School student claims she had sex with Mark West during a prom event.
1:22 | 03/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas Assistant Principal Accused of Sex With Student
Here at spring high school which assistant principal mark west who's facing criminal charges right now the thirty year -- accused of having sex with a female student in his office and just resigned on Friday. And take a look at Maria called -- she's the elite by -- -- nurse's -- arrested this week police say she had sex for the twelfth grader from Taylor. You know I wish it surprise us more often but it seems seems like it's happening time and time again doctor Robert Sanborn is an activist for children and education. He's also president of the nonprofit think tank children at risk the staff -- cases of improper relationship. Between educator and students among other things but we have to understand this is a special trusting relationship. Where parents -- when we send our kids to school we expect that things are going to be OK and we can't have any of these shenanigans going on. -- -- says 156 similar cases were filed the Texas education agency last year. Just this month we told you about charges filed against Amanda -- struck the former home bull high school dance director accused of sleeping with and stalking when a performer students. There was also Jamie -- the Santa Fe high school art teacher accused of sending a student nude photos. And sci -- a security officer -- -- bell was arrested and quit his job after a student accused him of grope. And her I think it's very important the people understand that this. Sexual abuse is something that should -- not tolerated within our schools yet refining it time and time again.

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{"id":18720145,"title":"Texas Assistant Principal Accused of Sex With Student","duration":"1:22","description":"Former Spring High School student claims she had sex with Mark West during a prom event.","url":"/US/video/texas-assistant-principal-accused-sex-student-18720145","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}