Texas Courthouse Shooting: Brother Arrested

Police handcuff accused shooter's brother in the middle of a news conference.
1:45 | 03/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas Courthouse Shooting: Brother Arrested
-- his -- in the little took one out X news conference tonight where he talked about our colony Rangers frustrations father was upset and angry because he felt. That there was no justice in this case news of right before our -- it's always. Linda Granger -- the accused shooters brother was handcuffed arrested you know what -- -- him -- her name and taken to jail. Jefferson county sheriff's deputies and made sure to do it themselves. He has a fellow ward Elliott houses -- this -- Meaning it's -- I don't know. -- -- -- along with the accused shooters -- a stood next one out exit just a moments earlier. He's charged with sexually assaulting the same girl for which -- brother was on trial. Clinton's been out on bond sources tell Eyewitness News at the judge in the case issued a -- tonight in part to protect the public going forward. If this is truly done. The public safety I didn't understand but this seems very suspicious to me. Both -- surcharge to Jefferson County but -- are no strangers to law enforcement in Harris County. We found in 2010 they sued the Houston Police Department and federal courts. Claiming a long list of grievances including corruption discrimination slander as well as a civil and constitutional violations. The loss it was a response of the criminal investigations and Jefferson County which they called quote an unlawful we -- In fact recently Bartholomew Granger was in the city's legal department according to the mayor's office. Giving a deposition related to the lawsuit it -- -- since been dismissed but the legal troubles for both Brothers. Seem to be getting worse.

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{"id":15927693,"title":"Texas Courthouse Shooting: Brother Arrested","duration":"1:45","description":"Police handcuff accused shooter's brother in the middle of a news conference.","url":"/US/video/texas-courthouse-shooting-brother-arrested-15927693","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}