Texas Gov. Rick Perry: Gas Lines Disconnected After Plant Explosion

Rescue teams search for survivors after West, Texas, fertilizer plant explosion, fire.
7:14 | 04/18/13

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Transcript for Texas Gov. Rick Perry: Gas Lines Disconnected After Plant Explosion
I'm Tanya Rivero -- -- -- -- bring -- ABC news digital special report we're gonna take you now to Austin, Texas or Texas governor Rick Perry is speaking. His district paid a very. Tragic difficult sixteen hours for all of us -- All of our friends in loved ones in individuals who have friends and loved ones. Who watched this unfold from afar. -- know there -- very anxious for information. -- -- -- start by saying thank you to the emergency. Management. Folks here. -- kid's gonna speak here in a few minutes and Steve McCraw and and there's a host of our. Other state. Agency -- that are that are here witness today and but. Particularly to the people of the community of west those local officials there they're mayors -- there. The police. And this -- citizens. That have responded. To this tragedy neighbors. Who -- working to take care of each other right now just a great deal of thanks for that. That spirit. I've been in touch with the emergency officials throughout the night this morning talked to. The and -- counting mayor Scott Feldman earlier this morning to. Congressman. Forest and am President Obama. Called from Air Force One as he was in route two Boston and we greatly appreciate is. His calling his gracious. Offer of support of -- of course and and very quick turnaround of the emergency declaration. That will be forthcoming and -- -- hand his. His offer prayers. We greatly appreciate president for his his call. Also spoken to the local officials to make sure they have all the support and assistance that they need from the state. To that and I am declaring. -- -- and counting. A disaster will request an emergency declaration from the president. Also want to commend the hard work. -- -- again by chief kid and his team at the Texas division emergency management they quickly responded to this disaster. It is. An unfortunate for us that we. Face. Both natural -- man made disasters all too often in a statement. The bright side of that is that we got the finest emergency management team in this country. And it is very important to stress that at this point much of the information that we have is still very preliminary. And more information is coming in. All the time. I want to take few minutes to provide an overview for a the State's response. Throughout the night there were state agencies were on the ground to assist they'll remain there as long as they are requested and needed. Texas Department of Public Safety is securing the area for law enforcement personnel to conduct the business and to maintain public safety. Texas task force one. And two as well as the Texas National Guard are assisting with. An active search and rescue operation. Texas Department of Transportation is handling traffic flow for the affected areas. And we have officials from the Texas commission of environmental quality who are monitoring air quality. Pipelines in the area are being monitored closely. The gas distribution system to Holmes has been disconnected. And it is our understanding that those are being. Both. Double and triple check before he service will go back on to those times. The Texas Department of State Health Services has been on the ground. With ambulance. Buses with -- mobile hospital and other resources. The Texas education agency because there was day in -- Intermediate school. Wouldn't close proximity. Is working with the local school district court it coordinate any immediate needs in the district. Last night was truly a nightmare scenario for that community. But as I said earlier were blessed in -- state to have the best Mercer management team in the country. And they certainly were at their best last night along with the citizens. West is a -- is a really small community. And just a few thousand people. Anyone. Who grew up. What your dad did doctor. Smith and in a small town like west. They know that. This tragedy. Has most likely hit every -- life it's touched. Practically everyone in that -- So high and -- all Texans and Americans to. Join me -- and keeping them and our prayers. And -- first responders who are still. And in some cases may be -- in harm's way is a work their way through the search and and rescue operation -- With that said I'd like four. Chief Nim Kidd two give us the most current. Today and then. The lieutenant governor world. Have a response and then we'll open it up to questions from those in the -- in the media thank you chief. Regular -- first would like to -- Our thinking about the response to the explosion in the town of west Texas near Waco governor -- said the search for victims continues. On the president's flight to Boston today President Obama called Texas Governor Perry to assure him. There will be quote no unmet needs and helping the town recover. We're gonna go now ABC's brandy hit there in west Texas -- -- -- what can you tell us about the search for victims. Hi -- able to search continues right now they are going door to door in fires are still smoldering really at this point following its -- massive explosions yesterday that we now know. Happened Tony four minutes apart rescue crews are working for -- looking for several people still missing including. Fellow firefighters and emergency personnel the heartbreaking story of -- portion of mrs. The fact that this fire sparked some time after 6 o'clock yesterday and -- Firefighters arrived on scene they started evacuating the area helping people out trying to push people out of the way. When that big explosion happened and now many of those people are still missing so right now. They're searching for them Tonya. A tragic told thank you brandy hit for that report. That was an ABC news digital special report I'm Tanya Rivero in New York you can keep up with the latest on the explosion in west Texas on abcnews.com.

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{"id":18989957,"title":"Texas Gov. Rick Perry: Gas Lines Disconnected After Plant Explosion","duration":"7:14","description":"Rescue teams search for survivors after West, Texas, fertilizer plant explosion, fire. ","url":"/US/video/texas-gov-rick-perry-press-conference-fertilizer-plant-18989957","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}