Texas Gov. Rick Perry Sends National Guard Troops to US-Mexico Border

Governor Perry says it is the only way to turn back a surge of immigrant children trying to enter the country illegally.
8:18 | 07/22/14

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Transcript for Texas Gov. Rick Perry Sends National Guard Troops to US-Mexico Border
Texas governor Rick Perry taking center stage again. In the immigration debate. He's sending Texas National Guard troops to the US Mexico border. Saying it is the only way to turn back a surge of immigrant children trying to enter the country illegally. Hello I'm Michelle Franzen in New York Governor Perry a longtime critic of President Obama and his White House will send a thousand troops out. Over the coming months they will not be authorized to make -- -- they will though he says act as a visual deterrent. It is a decision opponents say that will affect heavily militarized the border and do nothing next to nothing for the thousands crossing every month. With more on that those children face in what they -- and -- dangerous trip from countries like Honduras Guatemala and El Salvador. Here is fusion and problems. -- -- All -- racists we see sweaters. Shorts. And everything -- ever hear what they get into the water. As you can see -- useful defense must -- To predict what -- the deal and it. Let's get into the river. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's Mexico about the Mexican. The public relations between one -- -- but just imagine. What we -- before. For a -- 89. Offered him. What is put before -- Brad -- to write something like this. The river and there. There tonight. And the American dream for them but. Oh. -- -- from the river we found east tunnel used by immigrants should fight to get into the CD and then with a population. It is ironic about four remaining immigrants. Visiting the president -- have passed. And we're only twenty. -- -- tell -- they can make. They'll be here safely please for a well. Or until they get caught. It feels like a war masked -- -- possible us. -- high caliber firearms. They're ready for anything because Border Patrol agents don't like -- priceless. Agents Jorge Ramos reporting more on his investigation tonight at 10 eastern. On a special edition of America which port it Ramos for more right now we -- joined live from Miami by the co host -- -- ion -- yeah. Arianna let's start with the latest at the border are the number of children crossing -- the Texas. The -- -- -- the message reaching Central American countries not to send children to the US. I'm sorry Michelle I was not able to your question could you repeat it. Yes I was wondering if you can tell us a little bit about what is going on at the border are the number of children crossing into Texas. Decreasing at all is the message reaching Central American countries not to send children to that you -- I don't think the message is really reaching Central American countries yet. I believe that about 60000 children have already cross the border and that is likely to continue. The violence and the poverty that they're fleeing from in countries like Guatemala -- -- us. Like El Salvador is just really horrific. A journalist that was just down -- came on our show last night and she said that being a little kid down -- means that you're pretty much. Condemned so the numbers are going to keep. They're gonna keep increasing and some -- we also found out yesterday from this journalist that was on our show. Is that the -- he's the smugglers are really the ones. Also spreading these rumors that there are some form of amnesty -- -- silent going on in the United States because there are a lot of people believe me. But are profiting from these kids. Crossing the border and the main reasons as I mentioned before are the violence and the poverty Honduras as we know is the murder capital of the world. They're ninety killings per -- 100000. People down there. So if you one can easily understand why a mother would much prefer their kids be in the hands of Border Patrol agents here. Then in the hands of these gang members in Honduras. And a new poll actually found that there are more younger children ages twelve and younger crossing the border without parents than before. Many of them the youngest from Honduras you explain the extreme conditions -- give us an idea. What's the latest we are hearing from the Department of Homeland Security on measures they are taking now to handle the load of children. Already here in the states and awaiting hearings. Well as you know only the Mexican and the Canadian kids are the ones that can quickly be sent back to other countries. Everybody else can only spend up to 72 hours I believe in the hands of Border Patrol. And then they have to be put in the custody of a family member or in the custody of health. And human services and this goes back to the 2008. Law to prevent human crack trafficking to prevent these little kids from being traffic. And then they have -- themselves. Before a judge they have to have a court date -- that I really depends on each state each state with these kids Iraq. Now just imagine this the average wait time for -- person an immigration court. It's 577. -- so when we're talking about little kids it becomes a much harder issue to deal with. In Washington we have some very tight gridlock the highest profile Republican to back a comprehensive. Bill. Florida's Marco Rubio backed off after some harsh criticism from inside his party. What are the prospects for any kind of deal. Any kind anytime soon. This is just my personal opinion I believe as a Hispanic journalist that has been closely. While covering immigration for a long time now I believe this is. This influx of children this child migrant crisis is really one of the worst things that could've happened for immigration reform because it's really in my view. He refugee issue that has nothing to do with people that have set. -- here for fifteen and and somewhat years. So in my opinion they should be treated as different issues but they're not they're -- being put into the same sack. And -- influx of kids coming for these very specific reasons that we mentioned. Is -- being seen as a sense of you know. We -- very invading us. They're coming up here and taking up our serve our -- -- this and that and that can do no good for immigration reform. Well certainly the spotlight will remain on this issue -- -- -- thank you so much. You can also thank -- from -- tonight. And every weeknight at -- Easter. Keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news happened starring the story for exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle France and New York.

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{"id":24669813,"title":"Texas Gov. Rick Perry Sends National Guard Troops to US-Mexico Border","duration":"8:18","description":"Governor Perry says it is the only way to turn back a surge of immigrant children trying to enter the country illegally.","url":"/US/video/texas-gov-rick-perry-sends-national-guard-troops-24669813","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}