Texas Leaders Back Bible Cheerleaders

Gov. Rick Perry and the State Attorney General support athletes' right to use verses on banners.
3:00 | 10/18/12

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Transcript for Texas Leaders Back Bible Cheerleaders
High school cheerleaders in Texas fighting for the right to use Bible verses on banners of -- -- games now have state leaders on their side. Governor Rick Perry is backing the girls along with the state attorney -- filed a petition to intervene. And protect their religious liberties the squad was ordered to stop using the banners when an atheist group complain -- -- back in court today. Standing up for principle that is of fundamental right for students in this state as well as Americans across this country. And to better defend. Their cheerleaders -- incomes taxes as well as students across the state of Texas. Yesterday my office filed this motion to -- In the Kansas cheerleader case. To ensure -- their freedom of expression. -- -- Still under lying problem here. Is it there's this very vocal issues here. And very litigious. Minority of Americans that are willing to legally attacked anybody who bears to -- a phrase say. -- name that they don't agree. And in a twisting a block from any of these people insist on styling the religious. People in the main -- of tolerance and I ask me what kind of power is that. Where's the tolerance is threatening school officials. Entire district. Simply because some cheerleaders and football want to put a biblical phrase on the back.

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{"id":17507783,"title":"Texas Leaders Back Bible Cheerleaders","duration":"3:00","description":"Gov. Rick Perry and the State Attorney General support athletes' right to use verses on banners.","url":"/US/video/texas-leaders-back-bible-cheerleaders-17507783","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}