Texas Legislature Votes on Abortion Bill

Texas senate vote puts bill restricting abortion over final hurdle.
3:00 | 07/13/13

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Transcript for Texas Legislature Votes on Abortion Bill
Senator -- as we've been talking about. This particular issue. And a number of people. Pure supportive of this piece of legislation. Nor in the legislature. Have -- communicated the fact that they are very pleased that the consequence. This particular provision in the bill. Will. Force the closure of many of the clinics that are currently providing service in Texas today and that in fact. Abortion services. In Texas will be much harder to come by have you heard. I -- -- -- I had not had a member come to me and say that to me directly they had do you I have not had him come say that directly to me. I would suggest perhaps feeding you read a little bit in terms of things -- -- in -- you know a lot of media is thirty weeks in the media. On social media. -- and other places and of course those of us who are. Against this bill believe that. The provisions particularly taken as a whole. Are creating an environment. That. Truly does. Women's hall at risk in taxes. And that movie. Worst case scenario or even and a half of of the worst case scenario. In this particular provision of the bill. Is going to create. A very very real problem. And I idol and -- by. Reminding you. A sentence and a eight letter that we received. From people who know this arena far better than you -- -- People who should be left to make the decision making. In this arena in terms of what creates. They say -- standard of care for women in Texas and that's the American college of obstetrics and gynecology. And -- was a letter that they write to it's. On June the twelfth. By saying we fear that excessive regulation. Leading to clinic closures will significantly -- risk the health of women. The closure freestanding clinics could lead -- resurgence of illegal abortion. And the complications there. Including septic abortion hemorrhage. And maternal death. This would represent a significant step backward for the health status. Of Texas women. Senator -- -- read to earlier from our report about what's -- happening. Yen the border areas of -- Texas today in large part because services are not available to them and some believe and some of these reports actually. Proposed. Have had a a lot to do with a sonogram bill that was put in place last session of the impediments that that bill alone has created. I'm very concerned that added together with that. This bill is creating a situation where women in Texas today. Not only will not be made safer. But they will absolutely. Be at risk of their health and I stand very strongly against thank you senator. Thank -- senator goodness I appreciate your. Passion and dedication.

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{"id":19656184,"title":"Texas Legislature Votes on Abortion Bill","duration":"3:00","description":"Texas senate vote puts bill restricting abortion over final hurdle.","url":"/US/video/texas-legislature-votes-abortion-bill-19656184","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}