Man Pays 58-Year-Old Parking Ticket

Korean War veteran Dale Crawford made good on a ticket from 1953.
2:03 | 12/22/11

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Transcript for Man Pays 58-Year-Old Parking Ticket
Favorite story of the -- that is it's how an army veterans conscience. -- -- under the best of him that he found a 58. Year old parking thing an that he never -- and what was Yunel. -- -- from Houston's KT RK tells us what he did. 58 years ago downtown Houston was a different place and dale Crawford was in a hurry he -- date with the army. Not convey what made around -- -- but. -- -- hear some word and knocked them down. He parked his -- -- -- violent street -- shipped off to Alaska where he was sitting at the aircraft Gunner during the Korean War. Four years later he returned home resumed his life but in 1995. -- found something and a box of mementos kept by his mother. A parking tickets issued the day he was inducted. -- -- -- -- -- Go home get some some come down you get. His -- was late picking up the car the ticket was for one dollar. And it still -- his conscience at times so he contacted the city yeah. He didn't have to defense and no one would have ever and it's purely his conscience and his. He and his -- -- two minutes of his death. That one dollar jet with -- I am going to play the mayor. The cold hard cash. Paid for the same price on the ticket from 1953. Penalties and interest way as one that we -- we referred to as the greatest generation is his service. To his country and started here in Houston and his service to the -- system continues. It's a lesson in responsibility. And making good on debts something dale Crawford learned from his parents -- his passing downs jail and he still. Drive right Gloria. And I still get apartment. Can -- park. But you -- -- -- devastating taken them Deborah Wrigley for ABC and use in Houston.

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{"id":15212453,"title":"Man Pays 58-Year-Old Parking Ticket","duration":"2:03","description":"Korean War veteran Dale Crawford made good on a ticket from 1953.","url":"/US/video/texas-man-pays-58-year-old-parking-ticket-15212453","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}