Texas Mom Faces Deportation From Ill Sons

Erica Dominguez's 2010 shoplifting conviction could find her living back in Mexico.
1:35 | 11/28/12

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Transcript for Texas Mom Faces Deportation From Ill Sons
Just outside the room where they watch -- -- the markings of two growing voice. Who are six points to. Four year old brands as Rodriguez has a heart defects and -- -- disorder. He cannot swallow whole foods two year old axle was born with water on his brain the effects are not yet completely now. Medicaid covers their treatment because -- are American citizens their mother is not I don't know how this -- Now maybe rent costs that are my -- Erica -- as is undocumented she came here from Mexico then gave birth to three children. In 2010 she stole sixty dollars worth of merchandise from a Macy's she pled guilty and completed probation but it's still grounds for deportation. And she's been ordered to leave the country out of our -- There's something -- that adding that it is I don't -- -- humanity. To suffer violence take them -- Erica can take the kids with her to Mexico or leave them here with their father who works two jobs. She gave the government stacks of medical records including a letter from a pediatrician saying she needs Tuesday. And one from a social workers saying her son is at risk of sudden death. If he -- -- in cases of extreme that would separate you could leave apparently gather in the United States advocate Ralph Eisenberg is pleading with the government for years. Ice says -- child's health can be recent agreement -- day one appeals been denied a final one is under review. Teresa Woodard channeling it.

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{"id":17827203,"title":"Texas Mom Faces Deportation From Ill Sons","duration":"1:35","description":"Erica Dominguez's 2010 shoplifting conviction could find her living back in Mexico.","url":"/US/video/texas-mom-faces-deportation-ill-sons-17827203","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}