Texas Mom: 'No Brainer' Paying for Mountain Rescue

Nancy Allen responds to coverage of her paying $1,300 for her own helicopter rescue operation.
1:42 | 07/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas Mom: 'No Brainer' Paying for Mountain Rescue
The gold wasn't mother daughter -- adventure Nancy Allen an eighteen year old Sarah -- -- -- into the seasoning and a before they certainly did the they were thrilled when they reach the summit of mount saint helens but that victory was short lived when Nancy took a terrible fall I was just thinking about the fact that. She didn't really hurt scraped Sorin -- was having a difficult time continuing daylight was and dean ice was forming and hypothermia setting in. A cut service and then all of -- and it slipped out of her hand after some trouble they were able to call for help. As -- -- seemed like hours Nancy gave her daughter a heart shaped rock. -- -- that -- to give you something. He. And so and coverage to my pocket and we've got cable friend bacterium pilotless an anchor without mom. Sergey was the first rescuer to reach them that we started yelling yelling yelling she was strapped into a basket and surrounded by warming materials. Did you Katie did not know they'd -- such headlines for what happened next few reports of a wealthy oil woman calling for a helicopter. Abandoning rescuers -- complaining they were too slow are not true had Nancy Allen -- life threatening injuries a helicopter would have been automatic. But she didn't. The volcano rescue team told her they still had a six to seven hour trek across dangerous terrain has -- I don't have seven hours in -- really. Don't so she agreed to -- the helicopter built for the volunteer operation this is a no brainer -- this is. I mean thirteen hundred dollars did this mother and daughter from taxes that's not the headline for their story. Making it home is transition -- -- to the normal world. Gosh -- things really don't matter.

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{"id":19803786,"title":"Texas Mom: 'No Brainer' Paying for Mountain Rescue","duration":"1:42","description":"Nancy Allen responds to coverage of her paying $1,300 for her own helicopter rescue operation.","url":"/US/video/texas-mom-says-no-brainer-paying-for-mountain-rescue-19803786","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}