Texas Student Spanked by Vice Principal

Anna Jorgenson is upset that a male employee at the school physically punished her daughter.
3:00 | 09/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas Student Spanked by Vice Principal
A top sophomore at spring town high school at 109 and seven point eight GPA our or aren't -- -- -- our care team Santos says she didn't know a classmate cheated off of her but the school sent both girls -- in school suspension. After day one Taylor requested a spanking instead of going back for day to. The school called her mom mom approved and in quickly disapproved when she saw the results. Stimulus. -- Night. Bad in Atlanta comments as if they had been earned him -- it was. So -- And learn to held the paddle I came and -- A woman was in the room but a man -- it take. Even though district policy clearly states. Corporal punishment can only be administered by an employee who is the same sex as the student this -- -- on today. Taylor and her mother showed me photos we cannot show on bare her bottom was red and there were visible welts. He used too much force. Spring -- superintendent said the school might have made an error but we've learned the superintendent is now suggesting the rules need to be changed. To allow for what happened. He proposes getting rid of that same sex policy. Because the makeup of some campus staffs makes it too difficult to follow. I think Taylor's true for that we need to keep that policy because they don't believe a man intentionally meant to -- that -- -- but. It still happens because manner too big and strong to be getting 96 pound girls.

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{"id":17304663,"title":"Texas Student Spanked by Vice Principal","duration":"3:00","description":"Anna Jorgenson is upset that a male employee at the school physically punished her daughter.","url":"/US/video/texas-student-spanked-by-her-vice-principal-17304663","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}