Thanksgiving Could Be Yours, for $50,000

ABC News' Charli James and Nicole Pelletiere try the luxurious Thanksgiving dinner at the Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York City.
6:52 | 11/16/16

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Transcript for Thanksgiving Could Be Yours, for $50,000
For the 50000. Dollar dinner which. Really. Has an amazing thing is part Cherokee grid from amends. 2000. You and we look. And legal one month passing. And we're looking all these. Extravagant ingredients from all over the loud parties we're seeing all of well that's proprietary. But we. Go through great length culinary team you're revealed homes that goes to great lengths to find the ingredients that make these you know so special. And who thank you want your. Collaborative effort of all of culinary staff here but I can tell you one thing. The person that buys us this. Would be. And deputies as the lobby Trump Plaza. Flights unit science and take out. Because I'd a lot of people now think giving valentines day let's call engage in what he's them. The person up for what the. We do with the ring. Got engaged got married and got divorced in six months of taking up until they give it the red and black man I'm so let me and each perhaps. Looking tapes some of the gravy which is infused with his unbelievable. Happy and they go to should be kept screwing. Kinda mechanical maintenance until then been pretty. Never it will happen again. Going green and nick what keeps me happy. Not it's just. I could always what would you know. The leaders are married very well minutes he's. It's been investigated her time but right now. It's not overcome them randomly from the church you rank with. The bird hunt for Al leaves. Actually taste that it would. Arabs from the Caspian Sea 16100000. Hours they only have caviar and only one of eating. So this is a first for me it doesn't mean that it's an. The un. We have becoming pregnant rock and apparently he's. Assortment dog sweetie yeah isn't perfect big sellers are attention Harry. Very nearly are caught him. When she's 35000. Alex now plan on deep into the net. When you know what I'm getting an a look at tonight's that is and wouldn't. She's. And that's. And it's my favorite and he only what is. Your stuff. Denver's average. It's like a very very sharp cheddar or sharp. Not. Doesn't have to bite that joie Chen who. The person who pace. Death and now she couldn't stand it. Not just. It is. I think in the long time to become financially well blood and experience that I had. You know what we have all the news that's of the bridge here and you know what we have here because. When you're ready 150000. We will. And somewhat yeah. Harrison song and it is. I as well. I don't want him. So you know schnabel you. Development fourteen people. It's and we tried to send them like this oh actually quite certain that person take it that he deserves. Treatment that you might think we contract yeah hi there are a few months prior. Maxtor hard here and yeah. Right. In his mind and LeBron talked. He's each in. Quantity. Price went 165000. Scared I cheated. Yeah. That's. I hate you yeah. A mile. He's still get the U turn and then eat even if you. Don't go. If you shortness sonic shorten a wallet. This is your 85 dollars additional. And answer won't name on things. Exactly yeah. Unless you Brian ten ounce. Turkey and all the trimmings. And there something about that ran right up there it's not your typical grandmas are members. This is organic mean these these fight with most expensive ran my name. You know enough each Nelson. And just as much. Seventeen. That it out bottle of wine brands just to keep that hit. On again the again. Thanks so. Garrett. Yeah big continents. In the minutes. That's not something that we're giving you. Now I I had a series with some haze. And ours is dinner. I hope he's not captain countless acts. And finally and he and feeling and how much Turkey asked about it aren't we have a lot of. Turkey is explain its bond rate it's organic and cost 85 dollars and. And big stick and beach ate it. Seventy. Thanks to version.

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{"duration":"6:52","description":"ABC News' Charli James and Nicole Pelletiere try the luxurious Thanksgiving dinner at the Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York City.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"43589102","title":"Thanksgiving Could Be Yours, for $50,000","url":"/US/video/thanksgiving-50000-43589102"}