Thanksgiving Fire Nightmare

Quick acting firefighters and passersby save families from engulfed building.
1:19 | 11/26/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Thanksgiving Fire Nightmare
The flames of an outside court apartments spread so fast. They damaged a total of seven unit. And put more than two dozen people in the street my dog is gone my cat's gone everything's gone -- that the whole thing's gonna go. First on scene was deputy Jeff floor -- ran up and was knocking on doors of there -- evacuated people from one apartment and then if he went to the next. He almost got caught in -- back tracked it was like an upside down rocket engines like -- The wall fire -- -- that despite the danger deputy floor kept moving right along with another man who just happened to drive by and see the flames. The fire is spreading so fast they wouldn't have been more -- the minute -- to -- he's such firefighter Bob panera. It was off duty last night he was all the places like a wonder that era and deputy floor were doing all they could to help firefighters on scene when they large. A woman in the parking lot had collapsed so called -- getting. Bigger and bigger floor panera and another firefighter -- CPR going until medics could get there. Rather unique it wants and I've been doing this 25 years in. Never had anything -- like that before. A Thanksgiving night and neither -- we'll soon forget. In north -- Denise -- Kabul -- news.

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{"id":15032857,"title":"Thanksgiving Fire Nightmare","duration":"1:19","description":"Quick acting firefighters and passersby save families from engulfed building. ","url":"/US/video/thanksgiving-fire-nightmare-15032857","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}