Theater Shooting Sparks Release of Safety Video

Houston Office of Public Safety produces video on what to do in a shooting situation.
3:00 | 08/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Theater Shooting Sparks Release of Safety Video
For nearly a week now we've been talking with survivors of the movie theater shooting in Aurora Colorado survivors like Omar as far as who says he barely made it out of that midnight screening of -- man alive. It was so terrifying that if it was not terrifying and I sort of went into panic -- You know instinct -- and everything you know became very. Very analytical everything became very static. Now on the heels of their tragic shooting that took moviegoers by surprise -- director of public safety and Homeland Security says he wants the community to know. How to respond if there's a similar emergency here so the city's launch this new video. Just so happen. We use the timing of us finishing the dvd coincided with this event so we thought it was important to release announced that the public could have some. Some tips on how to react. Dennis to -- says the video -- department produce explains active shooting events are unpredictable and the victims are most often chosen at random. If you couldn't even if you can evacuate leave the premises that's the -- party. The video -- the three main things one can do is run hide or fight. Still -- says running toward a safe path is -- while hiding a dark location to dodge the attacker. There are no other options that and you fight can do what you can to disable the the attacker. Investigators have identified the suspected gunman -- -- Laura -- 24 year old James Holmes. -- Mars Bars also had this advice for anyone caught in the middle of a similar -- They should try to get themselves out of the situation that's -- they can do wallowing. You know staying frozen on the spot crying. Is immunity you have to get out of.

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{"id":16922035,"title":"Theater Shooting Sparks Release of Safety Video","duration":"3:00","description":"Houston Office of Public Safety produces video on what to do in a shooting situation.","url":"/US/video/theater-shooting-sparks-release-of-safety-video-16922035","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}