Thieves Crash Car, Steal Jewelry

Gang of robbers use a car to break into California jewelry stores.
1:18 | 01/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Thieves Crash Car, Steal Jewelry
This surveillance video from a neighboring business shows the theme is backing a car right through the front of the Goldsmith Jewelers store -- percent. It happened at 3:43 Wednesday morning. The gang of robbers are in and out -- about a minute fling with handfuls of jewelry. Police were on the scene within a few minutes but the robbers were long -- -- To repair crew most of the day to replace the windows and fix the damage and it was this same scene. At the Goldsmith jewelry shop a few miles away in Atwater. This -- had actually been hit about an hour earlier in the footsteps store in the same way. With a car right through the front of the store Davis took an opportunity to -- distill items and I'm sure to go to try to sell. This is the second time the Goldsmith's store -- has been robbed in recent weeks last time thieves came in during the day smashing display cases programmers. The owner did not want to talk about the -- jewelry stores may seem like obvious targets for robbers because they contain valuable stuff but police say these days. Any business is a target I think this is a bad time no manufacturers stores but this is a bad time for in him. Whether and so one walk in the street are where that BO fast food stores. Which. -- recently been robbed. As well as in any commercial businesses.

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{"id":15395514,"title":"Thieves Crash Car, Steal Jewelry","duration":"1:18","description":"Gang of robbers use a car to break into California jewelry stores.","url":"/US/video/thieves-crash-car-steal-jewelry-15395514","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}