‘I thought this could be the end’: DC officer on Capitol riots

Officer Daniel Hodges, 32, of the Metropolitan Police Department, stated that he thought it “could be the end” during the Capitol riots.
4:50 | 01/16/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘I thought this could be the end’: DC officer on Capitol riots
When did you. First difficult. I don't know what I was that we got the call but we were at eleventh and constitution when it came out and we're on high visibility for us. Which means that we are just about an hour normal normal attire being visible make our presence now. But it we we did here over the radio Athens Vedeno and capital and down once the call now we got to our transports as quickly as we could. Go pads on that you saw the end and we got over the Apple's music so. You're approaching it take if you read tell us what happened when you first know him. Well we we pulled up to the west side of the capitol from where we were and we'll have been content. And I mean by that time it was already under siege. The crowd was already surrounded the west side and that we actually had. Finally through the crowd in order to join the defense proper on the I don't know eco I guess the dais. We say fight your way do you think bush people hitting you what happened. So we need we formed up outside of our bands we tried you know marching up and formation. On the way up deep voice out of its funds traders. It's telling us remember oats. And you know. The further out we are the more dispersed they aren't and the closer we get to the defenses the more tightly they get packed. So once we get close nexus are attacking us and our platoon was split up. I'm punching. Yeah so. Someone. I must personally with the capitals I can't say the exact places people Wear but someone was on a step much higher. I mean they threw down a huge metal rods had been hit me in the head thankfully I have my helmet on so I was able to. Put that in my adrenaline shot got off. Some of them were absolutely credits. I call them zealous. True believers and they they would meant they would let nothing can stop them from. Getting inside. Or what they had to do. Get inside some of them I've been there exists parts on. Tell us that. We're not enemies and we should all join together and our us congress together so they they don't back kind of entitlements. Obviously that was not the case. And sold them word conspiracy leaders things here. This is thousand three. Bizarre kind of theory that they could try to get us to join their side they were so they were trying to convince you as big hits yeah they were wearing they Wear. Many of them they're very and a flags they have allowed trump flags like American flags they early in the thin blue line flat while they were assaulting us. It can't and you make your way. You're trying to get we're keep back. Ready so once we got up to the the days where we had our secondary police line. We know that for awhile. Actually that broke. And we. Stern bring him individual flights barely fell back to them more hardened choke points of the building and we're talking waves. Absolutely there's thousands of people for you know a hundred officers out there. And I am so once once that filled with that group we fall back to the building itself and I got inside. Put up my gas mask and homeless and looking for work I found my way down the tunnel. We've all seen that video. And yeah from there had just moved up front and wedding and there. And it case. It was which and yep they the guy and friendly he woods is frankly now. He he was screaming and just grabbed my. Grabbed my filter masks started beating my head against the door frame and ripping off discussing could. Once he got that off it was also at this point my Arthur Penn so I can really defend myself. And so once again paying anything now just screaming. Once it got a mask off he also was able to blame right atop from me and started hitting me in the head with a yeah. Timing that absolutely crossed my mind. It's going to be correct and I get out of this with. Completely intact. Thankfully. When I started you know calling prayer then I was worth Yasser behind me was able to in a sense that I need to get out of there and created enough room to extricate itself. Get out you know intact.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"Officer Daniel Hodges, 32, of the Metropolitan Police Department, stated that he thought it “could be the end” during the Capitol riots.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75288223","title":"‘I thought this could be the end’: DC officer on Capitol riots","url":"/US/video/thought-end-dc-officer-capitol-riots-75288223"}