Have You Ever Thought About Life Without Your Spouse?

The co-hosts discuss the worries and concerns of losing their spouses.
3:45 | 12/11/15

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Transcript for Have You Ever Thought About Life Without Your Spouse?
Studio anything short it's a question heck just raise your hand if you have a spouse. A lot of hip which is down now raise your hand if you've ever imagine that spells dead. Yeah. Ceiling so fast you like. When he dealt with hot seat and yeah I know and want them dead. No crap and now the white you have now puts you want the X did. I want them happy to map again. What I. What she's not a lot of ways to kill him I'm afraid to go to jail. I got a problem and video. According to a study in Men's Health Magazine is saying that this is perfectly normal. And we I don't know yeah. And not getting the head declines. That can net you imagine if they died like god forbid I did dead whatever it is it's a policy making it feel appreciative of that. You know I think it's a little bit sick because like who's gonna take out the garbage if he dives I. Do you have a news yeah why am I I. I have only imagine not because I want my husband dead but just like how how what I get along with and the other salon I can't imagine like peanut and of course when you have Quintero is filling out your whilom last testament. But I called my husband this morning's I want it and had you ever imagine. What life would be like if I died and I thought he said yes I thought of course he say a lightly mission he's and I just won enough I would handle the three kids like fakes and that. Now fifty years together guys the special session up. Yeah yeah. I am I ever pragmatic about it now I I've thought of it to have not been married seventeen years and I kind of Disney seventeen times I I would definitely. Seventeen years but people think about I certainly thought about a knife but a kick. You know what am I gonna do it live in the same house who's gonna fix stuff what stuff breaks down eight tonight with a sixty rather him do that VCR speak you know who's gonna do the math into my son garbage up up up about the Mayo out he's my best friend my. My husband I I don't know yeah I talked him every day about everything. Okay. Twice Steve is the best he's a good boy good person. And and he loves me and I love him that Gary passed and added in my kids I'm never gonna get. And I don't push me. And I didn't think it should not take them for granted to you wouldn't think about this because we tend to take our spouses our. In our partners for and a woman Bennett a relationship with them for I'm going on twenty years you know I don't know what life would be like without him does not really funny idly deer and Larry but I didn't multiple long relationships one for seven years one report plus plus plus an. When I think about a Michael my goodness goodness he didn't air sick I have to hold their hand at the I didn't even go into all the other things you got to do but I'm not married I'm like oh my goodness well IBM has seen him. Actually view them gone to Mike have to deal with that I went totally more video now really late at night ahead what is my partners about I don't wanna Stephens. That was me sickly and suffering instead of like we're in about the Texans didn't. Yeah American team here is and I I did I thought about more than I want to continue because I think now what am I gonna do with money management what I do with the kids in. I could just be so different and I it gets overwhelming to think about my you know we. We all have an expiration date we don't know and that is and we option Lansing state cheap and that I am. Sorry yeah. Parents should he would like when you go to the airport don't say that terminal for example.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"The co-hosts discuss the worries and concerns of losing their spouses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"35718547","title":"Have You Ever Thought About Life Without Your Spouse?","url":"/US/video/thought-life-spouse-35718547"}