Thousands attended 2020 yoga expo

Yogis turn out in droves for the largest yoga festival in North America.
3:43 | 01/09/20

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Transcript for Thousands attended 2020 yoga expo
I'm happy seller islet ABC news live in. Yeah I got. Here at began at Mellon Los Angeles, California thousands yes he's our gatherings to connect shop and packed it. I'm not I'm not let's check it out. The viva your committee is I'm. It's just pretty chill there is a lot. Positive energy going around. And a lot of encouragement. You know like physical practice and Hannah helps you get away from everything. I know they can feel pretty daunting an overwhelming tape jump into something that you don't know anything about that. For the most part it's been very welcoming. It's a workout for your mind scary wow where it's not just the physical body part and it I don't know I'd spent. Kind of feel very much at home odds. They we have a round 121000 people doing yoga fifty classes and over to hundreds of acres and I think it's curiosity in the opportunity to practice new styles of music teacher. So we started out with again I don't know of the singer's record the united she's gone. Started. Tight she is laying. Transcendental. Meditation is very thing I guess it's met its needs I had to learn how. Music in my everyday life not just go to like our classes down. Yeah. In addition the flexibility the mind body connections really important and I'm just the ability to do. Ease your thoughts and he's your mind I am much more. And less stressed out. I'm pain using. Ever like sent Democrats to work everything and night every day so here we have over fifteen different styles he yoga. The most populous in the opposites of flow younger Milosevic sound healing. I've been yelled after yells and that we did the face yoga. Which has a lot of fun. Cap might. Not think it. Global action on the accident. Issues very animated and who's the new. And present. To take them across it in northeast it was a thing. We've seen in the last year's yoga spend and an expanding into different. Modalities percent but down yet based showbiz really popular this year. Yeah. A rush. I'm. Just tell them. Not. He yoga community is very diverse we had people from all walks of life there and coming together in. Exploring New Yorkers. While many may think they doubt that it's just about the practice common match those of the community feel that didn't really about mean mind pollen away and in tune with your body and how you're feeling. Yeah but you can't and that didn't think they hear him there. It is no doubt this market place where young he's his mind yet that apparently after you begin your options and so let's relax the focus here. And happy and I think they're connecting the Fed. I'm having so finally here bought an ABC news blackout alone. Oh.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"Yogis turn out in droves for the largest yoga festival in North America.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"68180734","title":"Thousands attended 2020 yoga expo","url":"/US/video/thousands-attended-2020-yoga-expo-68180734"}