Thousands line up at food banks as unemployment claims rise

Volunteers, non-profits and the National Guard are stepping up to serve those in need during a time of financial uncertainty for many Americans.
4:20 | 03/27/20

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Transcript for Thousands line up at food banks as unemployment claims rise
As we reported earlier the US is breaking a disheartening record today 3.3. Million people filing for unemployment benefits as the uncertainty of this crisis continues to grow in. Some real some real scenes playing out across the country. Take a look at this this was a scene last week an endless line of cars and wrapped around this Houston neighborhood. As people wait in lines for food. And his millions across the country face financial uncertainty there are thousands of men and women stepping up to the plate helping those in need contain a whitworth has more. From coast to coast Americans are facing unprecedented. Uncertainty. Cove in nineteen devastating our health care system and destroying the financial stability of millions of Americans. A grim record nearly 3.3 million filing for unemployment benefits in just one week. And amid such a drastic economic downturn many Americans. Face a new challenge of putting food on the table full. Increase. The man. Only eight people were Connie reaching out power to ancient people now are ready. Ration one food bank in Los Angeles reporting a 200%. Increase in visitors. But perhaps a reflection. Of the American spirit when there are those need. And this came on. I can't fat and I see you all week the golf. So he had anything out there are countless others stepping up to lend a hand if they aren't medical workers next. But they are putting their well being on the line to provide the essentials. As shocking scenes play out across the nation last week in Texas cars are wrapped around this Houston neighborhood as dozens of people handed out food. And this teen and his mother from Ohio persist current they would kid where regular she cared doing good where they can't. Using an old bookshelf as a makeshift food pantry. It's gonna something that needs so something did come up with a truck and take everything that's totally OK with us this situation so dire the National Guard stepping in to help from California to Ohio I. Is exposed to a lot of different. Parts of what goes on food bank which really is opening my eyes to how many people were actually serving in food banks overwhelmed by the surge of demand. But some home they keep up. We are operating at an extremely high level almost doubling our daily distribution. To about 400 need. Not knowing when this will end they are serving their communities the best way they know how. One meal at a time. Serving assault one mile timing can't whitworth joins us now live can't we just saw the many people doing selfless work in these food banks that. What still down on how they work many of them are using these drive through methods what are some organizers telling you about how that's going. Interesting yes some of the CEO of the bank in Indiana today he says even using that sort of tailgate distributes it distribution method for twenty years now. And Bali use sister about 250 cars it is time now they're serving some 700. Cars at a time but because. They already had gotten everything down even able to act. The comedy along more people have been able to do very quickly and safely not only for the people and even food but for the people that are volunteering to give us food as well. And some money for these food banks coming from might imagine. Running these is a very expensive operation. What exactly Lindsay because it's not just food right they have a lot of costs they have warehouses they have delivery truck TV steel. So while many food banks get their food directly from fruit manufacturers or brochures they also need monetary donations and not something that. You and I can you at home by logging on you can donate money cheer food banks and you can do it right in your own community. Also here in Los Angeles there's a food bank who says they offer people the opportunity to come volunteer. For four hours and the do that. They can go home with the full card of food and Lindsay it's something that a lot of Americans are experiencing. For the first time. You know I can't wait where thank you for that report and to see you.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"Volunteers, non-profits and the National Guard are stepping up to serve those in need during a time of financial uncertainty for many Americans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69827867","title":"Thousands line up at food banks as unemployment claims rise","url":"/US/video/thousands-line-food-banks-unemployment-claims-rise-69827867"}