Threatening Packages Lead to Police Shootout

A Georgia woman was killed after sending suspicious packages to politicians.
2:04 | 12/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Threatening Packages Lead to Police Shootout
Deadly police shooting in Georgia with a local connection cops kill the woman accused of sending threatening packages to local lawmakers Eyewitness News reporter -- -- field. Prisons with a look at what happened and it. Well they're lawmakers get a lot of threats in the mail but these threats seem straight out of a monster -- one congressman getting a bloody severed pig's foot -- Homeland Security says these -- -- -- problem that aren't going away. The story ends here in Marietta Georgia please respond to an alarm when they knocked on an apartment door the woman inside attack them. Police shot and killed. The woman who's 53 year old -- -- Barnett. The post -- the says -- and send threatening packages to New York State senator Greg ball and Long Island congressman homeland security committee chair Peter King. After -- held hearings on Islamic radicalization. I received a bloody pig's foot reduction since our Washington office it was intercepted by the postal authorities in Baltimore. And -- -- -- back -- this woman Marietta Georgia. Congressman -- Islamic radicalization hearings took a lot of heat last spring's American Muslims including the woman shot -- to. That he was calling all -- radicals for you you in the majority who loved this country and Obey the law king says not so. There -- -- -- before we -- in this country anymore it is anti Christian or and the other was so much exaggeration. By radical Muslims in the media the Georgia woman had sent New York State senator Greg ball baggage containing -- hate filled letter a perfume -- -- toy monkey. The star of David -- expect. Four state police to closes office for awhile we couldn't read senator ball for comment. Congressman king says despite killing -- -- bin Laden and other terror leaders. -- -- -- that woman and others are becoming a bigger concern is as dangerous hours that wars it's a different form of enemy. There's not a large centralized or Qaeda it's individual cells its lone wolves and -- people who are being radicalized over the Internet. And congressman -- -- Homeland Security must do a better job with homegrown threats of the US is eliminated many of Al qaeda's leaders.

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{"id":15240561,"title":"Threatening Packages Lead to Police Shootout","duration":"2:04","description":"A Georgia woman was killed after sending suspicious packages to politicians.","url":"/US/video/threatening-packages-lead-police-shootout-15240561","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}