Threats Fly Over School's Prayer Banner

Cranston, R.I., residents want to appeal ruling to take banner down.
1:30 | 01/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Threats Fly Over School's Prayer Banner
All -- waits to leave Princeton West High School not with friends that -- -- but a police officer. One of three who monitored the school today as a precautionary measure after threats were made against her. -- disappointed. In -- that the tones by people. Young he handled. The threats go on for pages wishing horrible things upon the -- they are so -- that the mayor says while he would like to see the -- stay that city should end its fight not to mention he says there's no money for an appeal. I can't afford these bills -- -- the schools here with all the bludgeoning cuts that -- made you know collectively. I'd rather see the dollars be spent on the kids. And -- certainly pains me to say that because -- -- support -- -- zero. Because the city lost the suit to keep the banner -- the air going to be responsible for tens of thousands of dollars of the ACLU's legal fees if the school committee goes through with an appeal and -- Cranston could have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars more it's a risk school committee member frank Lombardi may be willing to take. If we're told is that the as the likelihood that we can prevail on appeal. Then I'm all for -- Superintendent of Cranston schools Peter Nero. Says the district has a legal budget of 150000. Dollars but there's no room for this. I put no money into this budget regarding any litigation and -- bitter issue. Alexander -- ABC six news.

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{"id":15386574,"title":"Threats Fly Over School's Prayer Banner","duration":"1:30","description":"Cranston, R.I., residents want to appeal ruling to take banner down.","url":"/US/video/threats-fly-schools-prayer-banner-15386574","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}