Sold for Drugs as Baby, Sister Reunites

Tiera Rice rejoins birth family 22 years after she was sold as a child.
2:15 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for Sold for Drugs as Baby, Sister Reunites
-- mean. She vanished 22 years ago to pictures all crystal and -- -- had. Days after baby -- was born mother and baby went to live with -- not and the baby was gone. -- was twelve her family said nothing and -- said. You know -- And they just. -- -- we don't know teacher was six she remembers bits and pieces Armey retainer and -- and it was just kind of it was his -- Tierra grew up forty miles away raised not his -- -- but Candice florist. At age twelve she -- baby bracelet with the name -- rice. And had the same birthday as my birthday. And I thought my dad's plan that I didn't know about the people she'd known as mom and dad brushed off years of questions. At -- fifteen the woman Tierra thought was her mother died of the drug overdose her family broke the news. They say all that I was sorry to tell me that my mom and dad and my dad wasn't my dad and she was on my mother. They told -- there was no point finding her biological mother that she had long -- -- sold her for drugs. In -- county drug addict wanted -- was doing time in prison for murder that in every visit she told crystal into Asia to never stop searching for Tierra. She even wrote her wishes in her will just before she died. I want -- -- the national acting assistant that I love her and that handbags and other loved her as -- Now 22 with a six year old son of her own Tierra hired a private high. Within days she learned who she was and that she had two sisters. And they have the Americans for me for a lifetime. And I never knew that I was lost in the first place. So I -- admits she was so much better off. And -- what -- that she wasn't it broke my heart. With no birth certificate no identity -- -- now. Tierra has lived life on the edge supporting herself and her son as an exotic dancer. He knows why we don't have a family knows lack there's no grand mom last fat He knows black. -- holidays. Take him anywhere but it's -- of us. Now what was lost is found.

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{"id":14786516,"title":"Sold for Drugs as Baby, Sister Reunites","duration":"2:15","description":"Tiera Rice rejoins birth family 22 years after she was sold as a child. ","url":"/US/video/tiera-rice-reunites-with-family-after-being-sold-for-drugs-as-a-baby-14786516","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}