Times Square Gets Ready for New Year's Eve

ABC's Charli James talks to revelers waiting to watch the ball drop.
5:00 | 12/31/15

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Transcript for Times Square Gets Ready for New Year's Eve
Then you're here at the front lines the times are celebrations where people have been waiting isn't even this morning and got here for hours and I have a few people here. I got tired. Who are here for the celebration. This is Josh this is not his first thing I'm here actually and sell. It felt bad because. Did come back tell us a little bit about liar back. So in 2013 to bring in 2014. My first time coming game. And and I'm not I'm. Ornery as you are so all of my I never gonna lord I was moving and the idea that this is something every girl should do in their lifetime. And all my friends hyped up apparently would be standing in the cold for hours not being a little bathroom regularly eat not. Drink anything good crowds in the rust trying to get to train afterwards. Despite their misgivings I had I had the most wonderful time and his friends but still talk to exit its banks. So. In fact I feel like a lot of New York the play. Times like the flag on. You've done or give us your tip line. Can't you can't leaders but they meaning of the restaurant I couldn't get us putting attempts. So. Where where several layers of socks where some latest blow. I can't really speak for the ladies night gentlemen if you need to know you and let a little out and let it dry. Out and let it drive I want. Yeah. Ought not. Does not blame. Andrea. Act Payton and you guys came off all the way from. Thanks so what about what about being here and I'm. Work coming from across the country and handing out here in a row and I do something I want. And I just couldn't. My. Instantly the minute and a half hours behind me not it was a but I think miss an opportunity like me and so what your strategy. Minding your block yet. Rationing. Island yeah. As he has an apple yeah. And it's not your time this story I really care about how high you had them some new tricks for getting some. And again. I'll yeah. Last the last time I did this I was a few blocks let's a few blocks I don't know what direct those blocks away and there were devastating childhood it was it was a block near a hotel. And dies on someone living if he's in the hotel. And I can't remember what it's realist but I kind of just cannot pay Mario's that would have an it was on the box and get the guts when he talks in Geneva you know we had pizza. Yeah. I'm looking at every I have that. Let everybody wants to know what's gonna happen on the pounds I think. He has not been yeah. No water. That nothing to drink the waters of the union dehydrated. But. I honoring me an. All are welcome back and it ended up at. Night yeah. Smell alcohol here in time. There won't be any campaign tells but what about New Year's hit. What on. But it's not immediately we we just that I haven't had a chance that they haven't managed instantly that's not on an endless. Yeah economy and our idea averages in. Yeah but I can't. Yeah. Grade doubted he had an asthma. That's good luck. And the innings and they won't forget whether. Eric are not customers. I'm. Have a great night at it again yeah. It will be just one of the as many as a million people out here in time cleric and in the united many many ten hours to go over ten hours ago and that. But that is not deterring people from getting here early and lining up there could be setting on the street around 3 o'clock on a look at. How how and there's not I'm. Look like they might be delivering to people in line I think Theres got an average I get if you haven't already seen shopping on time yeah. Definitely I'm art as part delivering of the it looks like we are getting off the streets. Though Ayman eyes shut this down coming in from time yeah.

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{"id":36037485,"title":"Times Square Gets Ready for New Year's Eve","duration":"5:00","description":"ABC's Charli James talks to revelers waiting to watch the ball drop.","url":"/US/video/times-square-ready-years-eve-36037485","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}