Times Square Revelers Brace for New Year's Arctic Chill

Participants of one of the world's most famous NYE parties bundle up for potentially dangerous weather.
3:00 | 12/31/13

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Transcript for Times Square Revelers Brace for New Year's Arctic Chill
This is a special group. I'm Dan -- -- new -- this ABC news digital special report the new year almost here for the folks here on the East Coast and of course for the rest of the country but 2014. Still just beginning in many parts of the world the final hours of 2013 upon us here in the states though and that massive crowd. That's been staking out their spots in New York's Times Square all day we'll take a look at this this is the shot about noon today and hollow of this eatery has changed. Over the past couple of hours. As throngs of people are piling -- to Times Square where they will watch the crystal ball drop celebrate -- -- kiss all in the freezing cold. Yes it is freezing cold out there and I don't know that 7000 pounds of confetti is gonna do much to keep those people warm it certainly spirits are high. ABC's Martha Gonzales has been keeping on the crowd in Times Square and the celebrations around the country -- happy New -- ETU. -- -- -- -- -- -- And Dan I've actually just in Times Square and people had been out there for hours and I can tell you. They are bundled up when the ball drops tonight it will feel like temperatures are in -- -- Yeah. Yeah okay well that sounds like a good time -- a good time to watch. Television that way which we of course will be live streaming that what a security concerns that's always a big issue and we've got that many people especially heightened -- daylight today. Yeah absolutely Dan but I commissioner Ray Kelly of the new York city police -- -- there are no specific threats. Against New York City so security this year will be the same as -- -- in years past they have. Hundreds of officers there in Times Square they have officers up on the rooftops and helicopters. They have bomb sniffing dogs out there and they're checking the bags of every one who goes into Times Square into some of those pens. -- they're being very strict with security as always and so. Once people go into those pens to wait for the rest of the night for the ball dropped -- -- not able to leave if they leave that area they're not able to go back in because of security concerns. That is one of the most interesting things is that a lot of people don't realize is that you have to be a -- die hard revelers to take part in Times Square on New Year's because as you say. Once you're in -- in for the rest of the night. How many are they expecting out there tonight. -- expect about a million so these people are very brave because that means that a million people will be out there are braving the cold. For hours on and. OK yes but bundled up next to each other kissing. Making resolutions. Yet Marcy what's on your list what are you planning for 2014. -- you know I think actually gonna hit the town tonight but I will absolutely be avoiding Times Square -- kudos to everyone he's braving it out there. That I will be indoors somewhere staying warm up. I will be following you because I'm now that you're gonna go someplace far as he's -- Gonzales happy new year to you we appreciated having their -- -- -- from more on the weather and of course everyone's -- -- whatever it AccuWeather is Margie Martinez. For this storm that we're watching margin happy new year to you. Thank you semi tapping -- UTU as well. Well we are keeping an eye on two separate systems first of all there is an Arctic boundary that's moving into the north central -- -- high plains we're seeing some -- and that's right along that area where it is cold air -- I'm talking its sub zero temperatures. Meet this milder air mass across the central plains and that's not least you right there isn't -- -- -- has moved in. To the Chicago area so could be looking at some delays there. This evening meanwhile in the northeast -- have a little disturbances while -- now temperatures are currently at negative one in Minneapolis -- -- it callebs. At -- -- is -- it is much colder in the high plains in the upper -- west Bismarck. -- six below zero right now and only getting colder late tonight but notice it's -- further south. I had of that front it's 56 and Danbury and fifty -- in Kansas City. Now this disturbance will not produce heavy snow -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it is going to be frigid winds behind that -- are pushing in from the west. Between seven and fourteen miles an -- so while we will be at about twenty degrees at midnight it'll. Feel like -- that teens anywhere between fifteen and twenty degrees still very chilly out there. And that's only getting started the cold -- only getting started on Wednesday even colder. Quite -- dangerously cold in fact across the upper midwest will continue to see some light snow did this Arctic boundary as it advances into the northeast. Now this Arctic boundary will determine. -- storm and that will cause blizzard conditions for this Thursday night. Agent this Friday and -- frontal boundary where average sets up that's where we -- -- how do you sell off as the system in the midwest travels into the northeast up. We're talking. Some damaging wind -- they could actually constant power outage as we could also see some coastal flooding. As well actually just out but blowing snow so pretty message out there for Thursday night into Friday morning in fact in southern New England that's where we really have a concern for more than -- -- Snell late this week. All right so let me ask you this -- Marge I mean. The fact the matter is because its so called because it's us now we it's a cheap excuse to maybe make that race or that New Year's Eve kiss last a little bit longer. Body heat preservation right that's the excuse that I've -- there are -- thinks -- is there are places in the country that word is actually war right. Yes in fact normally that's the case if the -- in this -- happening so when it's cold in east. Actually milder in the west in fact they actually bigger approaching and breaking temperatures in some spots across California yesterday in Fresno they tighter records in not parts -- -- sat like around Sacramento they also have broker records yesterday today is also mild and smiled -- L star about 2014. With some warm weather across much of the last. Nine that way to kick off the new year AccuWeather is Margie Martinez -- -- happy ending years to you I hope that there are no additional storms at least. In the immediate future anyway. -- -- the third period -- -- thank you. Course of the latest on winter storm Hercules and the New Year's Eve celebrations from coast to coast stay right here. At abcnews.com. This -- that an ABC news digital special report taking one last live look at Times Square at the preparations are underway in the countdown. Soon to begin for now I'm Dan Butler New York have a very happy and safe new year.

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{"id":21385462,"title":"Times Square Revelers Brace for New Year's Arctic Chill","duration":"3:00","description":"Participants of one of the world's most famous NYE parties bundle up for potentially dangerous weather.","url":"/US/video/times-square-revelers-brace-years-arctic-chill-21385462","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}