Tony Danza on 'Honeymoon in Vegas' Play, Healthy Living

The "Who's The Boss" Star talks about his new Broadway gig and shares tips for staying healthy.
3:00 | 02/19/14

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Transcript for Tony Danza on 'Honeymoon in Vegas' Play, Healthy Living
And he is the box he's sings he dances he boxes and even clean the house is Tony miceli. On the hit show who's the boss joining us today of course -- -- himself Tony Danza thank you very much for joining us think that was influence bush -- recently appeared in an off Broadway rendition. Of honeymoon in Vegas and you're looking to bring that to Broadway. -- -- idea what that's like. Well it's show. It's a musical. Version and remake of of the movie from the nineties with Jessica Parker and and NIC cage -- -- Honeymoon in Vegas Jason Robert Brown the unbelievable composer who's got bridges of Madison County on Broadway now opening them. Ruin what I think is the discourses West Side Story I know that's hyperbole but I really believe. And a bit -- all of that for about four years and we finally -- into it at the paper mill Playhouse in -- Which is awful awful awful awful probably -- in Jersey but it's it's a Broadway house raises the beautiful great place to work and we did it is a production and it was really well received and now we just waiting for theater here in New York City got a you know financing we have got a good review in the times and we just waiting for -- Refuted -- -- -- it's tough because it -- in -- -- positioning kind of hope that somebody else Foltz. But that's the nature of the peace. -- you know speaking of that. New York Times review it was very glowing and and your character and you were -- were compared to Frank Sinatra. Present certainly. Something that you aspired to become -- and I do. -- and -- flanking him merely. You know -- worshipped him and that that. And I get into -- my mother to him which is really believes is a big show big brown when he introduced his Sinatra they knew was thought I get -- justice. But -- individual that was the most incredible compliment the -- But what's -- -- that I was working on the part. And that's -- bad guy you know I sort of -- -- musical comedy -- was -- -- should be funny was I was having trouble with it. And I heard it's not just seeing I'm -- -- who want to use them. And I think you know -- -- there was a -- he -- -- -- as it try to beat tonight. Did it came -- the reviewed the guy actually slow isn't so it's been really tremendous it's a great part it's -- show and it's. You know it's in a jury to that role. Well I you know what happened -- Rob Brown came in this played these songs this is song in the show called Amazon. Has -- -- beginning of viruses. When we're -- we think that we -- invincible. And it's just these incredible. It's like it's like -- on -- -- -- -- would have -- you know and in his system that the score is just magnificent and great love story it's funny. Rob McClure who -- chaplain on Broadway was -- starved for an O'Malley. Who pleaded days is in any is that and it just it was a great company agreed to Andrew Bergman -- -- -- group feminists. One who -- it comes along mobiles is Michelle was standing backstage. And I was in watching the rob -- to go on. Some -- still thinking she's how to lice say this lucky eagle at times opened -- I really do a little stroke of but also so much talent as well speaking of that you appeared recently -- that Joseph Gordon-Levitt -- on John. More recently you appeared and his viral videos. Oh it's fantastic. And just give us an idea what that's all about. What does if you does is and is using character you know when he was twelve we do things -- in the outfield and I still call is go rollerblading. -- signaling -- follows -- directed today so he's always been a real student of of the industry and he wants to know every facet of it. And he's also doing this thing you you. References the variety shows he's trying to do on the -- network. It's a very philosophical show one of the shows is a is a show of each show as a theme in this show that I'm on with him as the show called fantasy. And we did the big -- -- -- in the theater. And then he had. The the whole Internet I think -- collaborate on it and and and and and contribute to an -- it's quite fantastical. It is quite fantastic it's it's an identity that come back page indicate he's -- -- in the movie you know I think he captured the moment of time a moment of -- to the movie. You know. Internet porn and and -- expectation and messed up expectations for a for relationships and also what Hollywood romances he would as far as -- -- some of your expectations is a really Smart move. And you know Scarlett Johansson -- -- trying to -- when -- Pretty good. Not too bad. You know we know you from you know taxi of course starting now. Of course who's the -- and some other dramatic roles instead of the sit coms but. Now comes down the singing and dancing for you -- and that passion come from on Italian. If that's the -- one night issued -- -- -- time. The kid that was always seeing him and dancing and then when I was intact and really what changed everything intact. We didn't show alleged years taxi. We Wii exclusive fantasy camp where we'll have fantasies and Mary Lou Elian's fantasy was to be abroad with former. And we unity before the dance number of -- of -- -- -- of -- lullaby of -- And pat -- the -- that choreographer came and choreographed and and we interestingly. We went around the the post the big column in the garage and we came out of the of the sudden atop that -- that up. There's really cool and this -- did it -- residents you know as a democratic -- -- -- -- -- recorded -- only answer the think -- it but we pretended to tactics. He did it get that and I think attitudes so I got myself to teach like 32. And I started study the stunning -- to the cliff Monday. You still think. To an -- it is degrees -- to be -- is is this -- and for a white guy and that it. So what does it tap into for you know when these combatants relax well it's -- -- first who has it is -- It's. You know a -- -- the woman named -- luckily right now and she. She deconstruct the the iconic dance numbers -- -- Powell for -- -- begin to be. Don't look he would broadly to a biography of -- you know. And she deconstruction and teaches it to and we didn't and we do them and perform the microphone we -- -- -- and the US. -- -- And we did it in in Atlantic City. You know I do my show and -- around -- we canceled it you know but from any assistance of the that I you know it really opened up I think -- If I can do that then I could do just about anything -- and and if I studied data illegal tap dance -- so. So it's been it's really was the license. That -- to let -- You know links to give the shot and then with the show living I got -- six songs in the big dance number. You know tap dance -- and it's something that dream you know dreamed of being -- Broadway -- It's a very active role too so -- in of course is probably one of the things that helps you keep. Yeah the on the big health and fitness. Wellness. Advocate. -- I'm 65. Full disclose exactly I was 63 but up close enough -- -- notably weak. Most of the other. But. But I you know I'm I'm an exercise from kind triangle. Cross train -- to a different things. Boxing tap dancing I treated him the holy Grail of of of aging fitness is -- recombinant stationary bike. I try intimate fasting -- -- but -- of these I'd been doing for over twenty years. That was leading men's health back when I was a kid young forty. Whatever and I saw it was -- union -- -- military. And I saw. In humans health and said that -- minute news. -- -- -- -- That's like four old guys. But it said lol you -- role and -- had a whole bunch of stuff you know listen. And here you are until well -- what -- -- -- well listen to that until I tried it. And I'm doing it every eight tells a little bit about the campaign -- -- it -- face it and who have fronting I mean amid news that gets in touch with -- -- and it so happens -- that I am a user. Of -- and they want to do campaign raising awareness. Of health and wellness and how they wanna do it as they -- nominee. A number of -- company. Of organizations all over the country wellness health health and wellness. Organizations 15100 of them. Crowd -- Whittle it down to -- ten finalists. We. -- website do more than you think -- -- com. You could go on -- please go on Erin and and vote for -- -- favorite organization the organization you think is deserving of the 100000 dollar gift that the -- -- then again. And really basically it is an opportunity -- just try to raise awareness to support organizations and that that are out there trying to give back. And and also analyzed -- -- is the chance flawless finally to get healthier -- to be a good example for acute. Because I think that's one of things that kids are up against. Is that in. They -- -- of that what they're supposed to do but -- don't see a lot of what this must -- so many more options for them to you have children grand children as a good things about what they're up against you know Fred Astaire said. -- -- -- That we expect kids to have manners without ever seeing that that Melissa same thing when eating habits you know if they see us. -- healthy and think about this and be mindful that -- -- then it becomes something that's important to them otherwise it's just let me throw this. The -- into the Michael. We are certainly known for your work around that also in the series work your stage you've been around for decades we expect to see you is -- years Moore sixty -- Thank you very I have to -- now 63. Shop hurry Michelle thank -- -- so -- Metamucil thank you.

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{"id":22584874,"title":"Tony Danza on 'Honeymoon in Vegas' Play, Healthy Living","duration":"3:00","description":"The \"Who's The Boss\" Star talks about his new Broadway gig and shares tips for staying healthy.","url":"/US/video/tony-danza-whos-boss-star-talks-broadway-gig-22584874","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}