Tonya Harding finishes in fourth place at 1992 Olympics, behind Nancy Kerrigan: Part 4

Harding claims she and Kerrigan had been friends and that the two roomed together while on tour.
6:42 | 01/11/18

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Transcript for Tonya Harding finishes in fourth place at 1992 Olympics, behind Nancy Kerrigan: Part 4
What a moment for this young lady. Think of that, a split second of your life changes your entire life. The second she lands that jump -- Announcer: Good girl! Announcer: This was a performance for history for sure. Now she's a player, and now you got to look at her as an absolute favorite to go on to the olympics. With the success, Tonya lost her desire, and she wasn't practicing. Well, the winter olympic games are set to begin tomorrow in and all around the town of albertville in the French alps. She shows up three days before the olympics. She should've showed up a week and three days early. And it's the beginning of this kind of, "The dog ate my homework," syndrome that we're going to see a lot with Tonya Harding. Reporter: When Tonya did arrive in albertville her first day of training was very difficult she had a nasty fall and she hurt her shoulder. Seems as though she's put it all behind her and she had a really good day of practice today. She was tailor made to win the olympic gold in '92. Announcer: She is the only American woman ever to land this jump in competition a triple Axel. And she cannot land that one. And so the olympics become not a triumph for Tonya Harding in 1992, but a great disappointment when she finishes out of the medal running, right behind Nancy Kerrigan. Announcer: And the bronze medalist from the United States, Nancy Kerrigan. If you don't win the gold in skating, you're an afterthought. So, fourth feels like 400th. She would say there would be problems with her equipment at the olympics, that one of her skate blades wasn't put on right. If you watch my blade and me are leaning on every single landing of every jump. It's because we couldn't keep the blade in place. So, I mean, that's -- things just happen. Sorry, it happens at competition. At the olympics. But I wasn't going, "You know what? This sucks." No, I was going, "Man, next time I'm gonna have two pair of boots." And after that is when we started carrying two pairs of skates. So you didn't think your skating career was over? You were going to gear up for the next one? My skating was great, but my life was in shambles. The relationship with Jeff is -- is certainly in and out, and yes and no, and warm and cold, and so folks are, "Whoa, whoa." I couldn't go anywhere without him knowing exactly where I was, who I was with. Did you ever fear for your life with Jeff? Many times. He came and broke into my apartment when I wasn't there. He was saying all this stuff, that he can't live without me and I remember he pointed the gun at his own head for some reason, for me to get scared to come back to him. "No, don't do it," type of thing. I'm, like "Frickin' just shoot yourself then. I'm outta here." And I grabbed my purse, and I walked out the door. He grabbed the purse. I turned back around. He pointed the gun at me, and I turned around, and I started walkin' off, and the gun went off. Nobody believed me ever for any abuse. Any. People didn't believe it, because I'm too tough. In the past Jeff Gillooly has referred to this account as "Utterly ridiculous." It doesn't matter. He didn't destroy me. Nobody can. The ascension could have been meteoric and instead things started flat-lining a little bit. ??? Meanwhile, Nancy Kerrigan is looking like the star of the future. She's poised to become the next big successful skater from America. Announcer: Your 1993 national ladies' free skating champion of the United States. I think there's this misconception that Nancy Kerrigan was born in, Buckingham palace. It's all false. She was from a very working class background. But the influences in Kerrigan's life were completely 100% different than Tonya's, and there splits it forever. Nancy Kerrigan was graceful, she was put together and she was the all-American girl. Announcer: Doesn't she look elegant. She looks like a little angel. She had a trademark move of reaching one arm out and pulling another leg back -- Announcer: That kind of a move is so effective when you hold it. Nancy's right in line with the other darlings. I don't mean that sarcastically. She fit the DNA, the mold, the M.O., whatever you want to call it. Nancy fit it, good for her. And you know Tonya is just burning. She is absolutely burning. Were you ever jealous of Nancy? But why would I be jealous? She had the good girl image. She had the beautiful costumes. She ended up getting the endorsements. But she deserved it. She worked her whole life to get where she was. You did too. I did too. It's all right. It's all right. You know the past is the past. Reporter: You say you and Nancy Kerrigan were friends? Yes, we were. We roomed together on tour. I would not have called Tonya and Nancy Kerrigan friends, but they certainly co-existed without any animosity. There was a, I'm sure a perfunctory, "Hello, how are you?" And it -- no judgment there, but I don't think they had a relationship. There are changes are afoot. The olympics decide to split the winter and summer olympics into different years. And so suddenly there's a new opportunity for Tonya Harding. But Tonya wasn't practicing anymore, she was smoking. She's a chain smoking asthmatic. Let that adjective sink in. And so even though she's behind the eight ball in terms of her training, there are still things that Tonya can do that other skaters can't. And so she gets good enough that by the time of the nationals in 1994 she is ready to compete for a spot on the olympic team.

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{"id":52295241,"title":"Tonya Harding finishes in fourth place at 1992 Olympics, behind Nancy Kerrigan: Part 4","duration":"6:42","description":"Harding claims she and Kerrigan had been friends and that the two roomed together while on tour.","url":"/US/video/tonya-harding-finishes-fourth-place-1992-olympics-nancy-52295241","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}