Tonya Harding's difficult relationship with her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly: Part 3

Harding married Gillooly, who she met when she was 15 years old, but the two later separated.
8:04 | 01/11/18

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Transcript for Tonya Harding's difficult relationship with her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly: Part 3
??? One of the reasons that skating has always been so popular on television is because there is that unbelievable moment of decision. You go up for a jump. And you come down and you are crashing down and you're on your hands and knees, and it's over. You know, there's no -- there's no second free throw. There's no third strike. There's no fourth down. It's over. Tonya had a talent because she was athletic. All the other skating princesses looked like delicate, graceful, beautiful, well, lovely young women. But she was athletic and she could jump and she could jump and do the triple Axel. She could jump like nobody else could jump. What is a triple Axel? It is a jump that takes off in the forward position on a left forward leg. That forward edge takeoff is very intimidating. Lifting up into the air. You probably twirl three times. Which of course just adds -- more time in the air, more time to have trouble, more mistakes. Coming down on one leg in a check position that can stop a rotation that comes down with 420 pounds of pressure on one foot. Whatever made you think that you could do that? What makes people think I can't? You have to understand that for those of us who knew her, it was very common to see Tonya land a triple Axel. What made it so special was to land that triple Axel in competition. From Minneapolis, Minnesota, the U.S. Figure skating championship. So Tonya goes to Minneapolis. We've been told she's gonna go for the triple Axel. She's got it in her arsenal of jumps, and we're going to see it. And here comes Tonya Harding. The triple Axel was huge. That's one video we can watch over and over again. Tonya's in her mint green outfit and the program is just stunning. She starts and the announcers are like. And the question is whether three moves into the program she will do a triple Axel. First, a triple Lutz. And the program builds, and builds, and all the sudden here she's coming. Is she going to downgrade it to a double? A lot of skaters would when the stakes are that high. Now the question is whether she will become the first American to attempt and complete a triple Axel jump. If you look at her face, and you look at that build up, and you watch the power and you watch what is generated from the skates on up through the trunk. And she does those three and a half revolutions in the air, and. Good girl! And it was, like, bam. I was, like, "Yes." And when she lands, freeze that tape, and just look at her face, and take it in. The look of joy is, to me, exploded. And I think it was dick button that said. Good girl! And, it's almost as if she could hear him. Praise from an adult. Besides her coaches. "Good girl!" How many times do you think she heard that? Not many. Oh, how nice! How terrific! And we all look at each other. She just did it. Oh, my god. She did it. Crowd's going crazy. And she's pumping her fists in the air. She knows she's do and that, of course, it's that exclamation point. Just terrific! I did this. This is my jump, I had the guts to do something no other skater before me had ever had the guts to do. This picture you never saw this look ever again. Not that. I've watched that footage a thousand times, and it just, every time, it makes me grin. Like, no. No one can do that. That's just not something people can do. Tell me what you were thinking. Holy . I just did it. Nobody else did it. Nobody helped me land that triple Axel right there in that moment. You made history. I did. I did. Everyone was willing at that moment to say, this is somebody that we want as our champion. And so she had a huge opportunity at that moment. If we could stop her story right there, it would be one of the happiest stories you could ever see. How did your skating life change from that moment on? Oh, wow. Confusing. Everything about life after that point became confusing. I was 20 years old. You get thrust in to the media spotlight. You don't know who to trust, who to believe. Tonya was a complicated woman. There was personal baggage that was undeniable. I don't think there's any doubt that Tonya went from a pretty horrific childhood. And the marriage to Gillooly that firestorm was going to come to a full boil. Jeff became as controlling asanyone else that had been in the picture that was trying to control Tonya. After she won nationals, money started coming in, and offers and, commercials and things like that. And I'm sure he saw dollar bills. Just having this guy who's literally sitting around thinking, "How do I make money off her." While you're waking up every day and competing, and practicing and he's just sitting there. We personally blame everything of Jeff Gillooly. And if she'd never met Jeff things would have turned out completely different. He is at her skating sessions, her practice sessions, he is at every interview, he is everywhere with her. So your problems with Jeff affected your skating? Yes. Do you remember the first time he hit you? One that sticks out in my head. We were at the 7-eleven. And I got nachos, and he said that they would make me fat. And he hit 'em out of my hand. And I was, like -- you know, and then, he grabs me and says, "Let's go." And got, and just-- bam. I mean, I've known that I'm stupid, ugly, fat, never amount to anything for my whole entire life. I know this. Why do people not think that I would want to fight that, be better than that? I know you would. You would want to fight it. You would want to be better than everybody says you are because you know you are in your heart. I had to learn that. The hard way. Yep. Yeah. Unfortunately, the hard way. What you heard was there was a lot of yelling and screaming between the two of them. These two emotional people where in each other's face a lot. But if there was some yelling and screaming, I would bet a dollar that she was willing participant. Jeff said, when describing allegations of abuse, "We might get into a little brawl now and then." About what's gonna go on, and usually she wins, so -- I'll admit it to the world, she's the boss of the family. Were you in charge? I didn't have a pair of pants back then. I had a skating dress. I'm sorry. Did you ever fight back physically? Yes. It doesn't work. It just escalates. She married him, and then she got separated from him. She got a court order to keep him away from her. And then she hooked up with him again. Tonya was a mess.

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{"id":52295240,"title":"Tonya Harding's difficult relationship with her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly: Part 3","duration":"8:04","description":"Harding married Gillooly, who she met when she was 15 years old, but the two later separated.","url":"/US/video/tonya-hardings-difficult-relationship-husband-jeff-gillooly-part-52295240","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}