Tonya Harding's life after figure skating: Part 9

Tonya Harding went on to become a celebrity boxer and a non-stop source of fascination for popular culture.
4:42 | 01/11/18

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Transcript for Tonya Harding's life after figure skating: Part 9
The Peggy Flemings, the Dorothy hamills. What this did was make figure skating a mainstream, popular American sport for more than a decade. Now, it was an attack on Nancy Kerrigan. So we always have to keep that in mind. One of the big ironies of the scandal is that the popularity of U.S. Women's figure skating skyrocketed after lillehammer. Do you take credit for some of that? Sure, why not? I mean I was there, I skated. Tonya Harding has now paid her fine, done her community service -- she can't ice skate anymore. And she develops a new bizarre life. So that's when that crazy stuff started. There is a sex tape of Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly and pictures of it end up in "Penthouse" magazine. She says, "It was released without her permission." That was heartbreaking -- You'd be surprised how tough I really am. She was in a movie called "Breakaway" and she wasn't terrible, considering that she had no film experience at all. She eventually becomes a celebrity boxer -- Announcer: She's a world-class figure skater, a two-time olympian. A world bronze medalist and United States champion. The charismatic and unpredictable, Tonya "Tnt" Harding. She gets in the ring foj the first time against, of all people, Paula Jones, the bill Clinton accuser. You cannot make this up. Okay, who would be the perfect adversary for, I got it. Paula Jones. I mean, no way! Boxing. I did that for money, to help pay my bills, stay in shape. I like boxing. It's -- interesting. But, oh man, it's brutal. Don't start boxing after 30. Tonya Harding would be a hired to host a show on TRUTV called world's dumbest. I mean, get a job. The events surrounding Tonya Harding in 1994 became a nonstop source of fascination for popular culture. There was a "Seinfeld" episode that was largely based on the Tonya harding/nancy Kerrigan encounter. Please let me start it over. There's been an opera written about Nancy and Tonya. Two people have a museum dedicated to Nancy and Tonya. We're looking at a wall of wheaties boxes with Tonya Harding on the cover. Little-known fact, Tonya did have a wheaties box -- right over here you're looking at a wall of Nancy Kerrigan trading cards. Obama uses her name as a verb in some sort of campaign thing that she does. Nlsz he goes ahead and kneecap the person ahead of it, does a Tonya Harding. In this story, Tonya Harding was the titanic and Nancy Kerrigan was the iceberg. Look at the wonderful height. So even before the olympics, Nancy Kerrigan had endorsement deals -- There is a voice thand I know it well. Most of those deals continued after she won. And so she could profit well by them. Kerrigan chose to really back away from what happened in 1994. Shelso skated in a series of ice shows and did very well. She was beloved. Nancy Kerrigan would go on to be on "Dancing with the stars" in season 24, back in 2017. Once again, drawing on the wellspring of good feeling that people have for her. What did you say to people who thought, "Well, you're only famous because of the notoriety of the attack"? I don't know that anyone says that, because I have two olympic medals. Like, they didn't just give them to me. I mean, I worked hard for it. Who in their right mind would ask to be attacked? There's not -- I would never wish that on anyone. If I could change it, would I? Of course, I would. Do you feel like Y -- there has been an apology? We were at an event four years after I was attacked. And we both spoke with James brown. This is the first time that you two have sat face to face. Nancy, I want to apologize again for being in the wrong place at the wrong time around the wrong people. It was very awkward and strange. I mean, it's so old. It doesn't matter at this point. Enough apologizing. She's got her life. I've got my life. We both have wonderful lives. And that should be all that matters.

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{"id":52295425,"title":"Tonya Harding's life after figure skating: Part 9","duration":"4:42","description":"Tonya Harding went on to become a celebrity boxer and a non-stop source of fascination for popular culture.","url":"/US/video/tonya-hardings-life-figure-skating-part-52295425","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}