Tonya Harding's transformation into a figure skater: Part 2

Tonya Harding says she "tried to be pretty" but was also interested in the pop culture of the time.
8:01 | 01/11/18

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Transcript for Tonya Harding's transformation into a figure skater: Part 2
There is just fantastic documentary made about. I think what she was fifteen court shop edges. And speaking very candidly and she's very vulnerable Hanson. I don't. One in June making that public. Well it does have my favorite line of the whole documentary made my favorite line that Tonya Evans said when she hangs up before his guess what campaigns. It's hilarious but it'll sire. Covering for the fact that she so deeply she. He Tara learned that. So he's. To never received that validation of support from her mom picked there's no you can't do it type thing. She won't do it should be nothing written amid the movie has mind senior thesis at Yale University. Looks. Yeah. Documents her first national figure skating competition before anyone really knew who she was everything that document she just burned my. Hot Gary Eads today. Yeah me take don't you tell us don't master Darren. I'm not a Larry yeah that's tons from its record yeah. Together it. For farm LaMont felt the pain of having her child. Being taken away from her back. By people who could give her a better life. Peter I don't Peter Bryant is lacking and she icky and she beat me. When I wish. I remember she drug me into the bathroom. Ice La her. They're entitled to hair brush beat me literally it was very upsetting to me. Aid never saw anything more than that. There's never any justification obviously for beating a child but what had you done that. Feature mom go off on the hair brush filled the little money my jumps for. I mean I'm planning to twenty. In a play. I was at as it you got the yes. And she did it on a regular basis. I don't think that there was more than one day a week. Sometimes that I didn't get beat. I was gonna go to Child Protective Services. And was told that I should stay out of it and that it's a two Tonya away from her parents it would really skating career. One of the most controversial. Accounts that Tonya has given. A for abusive relationship with her mother is an account in which she says her mother threw a steak knife at her. I was about ten feet from her and where did Atlanta three here. Do the listening music. What's going through your mind at that moment that she's freaking us. Crazy did she ever apologize and I'll have to. She would never apologize for any. Tonya harding's mother to ABC news has denied it was. Throwing steak knife to her daughter. I was working right around the clock. Morning noon and night trying to get the money for Kurdish skating. She room saw away out because of her daughter's talent. And rightfully so was it was furious that she wasn't being judged just for her skating. If we have. Everyone was in the competition. If they had. These same black priest he dressed at some kind of flew over the political couldn't hear intuit pregnant black ball for saying that but I'm sorry it's really. Can monitor events at the image of what they wanted to figure skaters to look like to behave they want them to Wear fur coats and have come actress' time and was rebellious and didn't fit into that mold. She was time you won and done and there was no doubt about it. Tanya Hansen were combing his mind visiting gutsy gal. Tonya had her way of saying and they go against everything that speaks out of ice princess. And I and then bringing migrated. Yes criticism that you haven't seen before and the rocket to this music. How do you like me now. Portland. Want her. Please try to be pretty but you know it was the seventies and eighties and you know I liked. Pop culture back and I'm right there would be identity here Jim. Did you do lunch I did my blue mascara but I wasn't being scrutinized doing. That's life it was very important that she be seen in the proper light on the national stage. Our plans for Tonya basically start with revamp her Hummer haters I would hear me meals clothing. I love the eyes street clothes. The total news time. What room she wondered Levi's. Her hair but he hit it it but it. When time was of the national competition in house on north containing six or first competition. It became very apparent that she did not count a dress to Wear to the ball. Diane and Vicki mills took her to the local shopping mall. It's they find isn't green velvet dress with puffy sleeves and Tonya comes out of the dressing room and it just isn't her style. They're telling her how wonderful looks and she is rolling her eyes at the camera something. At times coaches and we're certainly trying to. Round Tonya out. In every sense of the way. It was the taming it. They put her into. Ballet classes jazz. Susan choreography. And made sure that she had her nails done fan and had her hair done when she went out to be in the were constantly. Reminding her to say please and thank you. And at one point I do remember Diane being very upset that on camera. Tonya was wiping her knows she just thought that it was very un ladylike. You would find us. And not nice. She wanted to change. Your image when you've skated making more elegant East Timor Levy like of course he knew what coach wouldn't. She had a cut off jeans and she went on skated. I can get tomboy and where you know the Esiason foods and flannel shirt and and I can dress up from. First I think you folks that tune in to ice skating normally are expecting it certainly look. And a certain skater and certain backgrounds. Kind of person I am. Actually flooded at the data track and a friend again it's no. It's killed and have a boyfriend I spend time with him telling about the first time you met Jeff. And really. Yeah he had heard the story lie like he did talent and or other. We met there say he was watching his game I was like my there's a vial watching me hi Helen Rea I was fifteen. You fell for the first guy who told you you were pretty. Guest because you were fifteen. Yes. Anything else about him are attracted to you he had a job. Song at a car yeah.

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{"id":52295232,"title":"Tonya Harding's transformation into a figure skater: Part 2","duration":"8:01","description":"Tonya Harding says she \"tried to be pretty\" but was also interested in the pop culture of the time.","url":"/US/video/tonya-hardings-transformation-figure-skater-part-52295232","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}