Tough Road Ahead for US at World Cup

U.S. set to play Ghana, Germany, Portugal at this year's World Cup Tournament.
3:00 | 12/06/13

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Transcript for Tough Road Ahead for US at World Cup
This is a special room. Hi everyone I'm Devin Dwyer -- New York this is an ABC news digital special report with a little more now than six months to kick off -- Brazil the opening round of the 2014 World Cup is set. And it looks like going to be a tough one for the US national team the Americans were drawn today in to a group with European powerhouses Germany. And Portugal the fourth team Ghana. It's not the US out of the last two tournaments. Here's US manager -- -- Klinsmann speaking after the drop. I kind of itemized Dominick having a negative meaning one today Sampras still -- the opening him. But obviously it's it's one of the the most difficult groups in the in the whole draw having thoughts -- gonna Christian and although and then -- and Reza his story that -- the United States he couldn't get any. More difficult -- any bigger. But that's what -- world -- is about it's it's a real challenge and and will take it will take it on and hopefully gonna surprise some people there. -- Clinton still confident there now with more on the World Cup draw big event today and some of the challenges facing the host country in challenges facing his own. We're joined by ESPN's soccer analyst and former of the report Real Madrid star Steve McManaman his chief. Ideal guy and it's great to have you with us a break it down force who has it worse the US or England. I'd say anything the US senate call the -- group the -- I think awful really another that the group of fourteen to really typical -- -- of the fact that they've got garner. You're right he mentions jam anyone of the favored select the shall be Portugal with a recession -- -- -- an excellent form I think that's the most typical group out of the groups that contain the full teams unfortunately for the US say that the typical won't do you think you're in the group of death there's been a lot of talk about that pot is that really what parents. Check New Britain grouping which consists of Spain Chile in the Netherlands. But civilian typical group as well but they do play Australia and they should be the whipping boys in the group put the fox dot. You know US they have got really typical gains and they have to travel log maybe the fans distances well they they have to play one of their -- on the edge of the Amazon. Jungle and they emanates but spots in the it to double bombing the front of the plane typical teams is one thing the -- that they have to travel fan than any of the nation I think it's another. Miles so I definitely may be the underdogs here but just -- lot manager -- England's and responded to that let's Nicholas. You know be improved so much over the last two and -- year's end and built built on dividends and and and made all those games in no way from home in Europe you know meaning in Italy are getting a missile and -- and -- itself that it will help us and to -- -- to be well prepared and we don't look at ourselves as any kind of outside us now -- no underdogs. I think you know it's. Obviously all the nations in the world of the city to -- LB names. They all deserve to be there there's no surprise some some -- country left Alex Knight didn't happen this time. It's all -- nations in there and if you wanna get. One day in the top ten top twelve in the world then you've got to stop beating him. -- Steve so how about that they're they're not exactly embracing the underdog label but he does make a point that teen USA is is used to doing quite a bit of travel and think that's helpful. You'll certainly helped them outside what will help in the -- but that -- wonderful form that she had they been excellence they qualify really comfortably in the and they went when the goal cope which helps. They played human issue an opinion seems like you like you can set in Italy and bush should they be -- many -- So the playing really well that a -- confidence side I think it -- -- of the (%expletive) up you know for many they all of the -- that the Lexus sides opt outs of the group and outside is upon it. If you live in -- he -- think like up the outside -- -- think but the USA will be the weakest in the group. I disagree I think they've got an excellent chance I don't think dawn of the force that they won't -- political only just qualified punks the brilliance of -- -- and so heavily. But if you -- USA can keep Cristiano Ronaldo quiet they've got an excellent chance I think general in the group I think by all the back seat mile long -- But second -- is certainly a -- fight in full support -- downforce you think they'll progress out of this group which players do you think are really gonna have to shine and in the first rounds. What apart from the defense I think the full -- to the most simple people in the US -- -- the likes to cling to and see. London Donovan Michael broadly in the Jozy Jozy Altidore has been an excellent form -- -- many Eagles this year. So for me it's -- medical school as if they're gonna progress of and a -- to school goals -- he's the -- to -- it. Aren't going to be fun to watch but I -- -- talk about you for a second Steve you're gonna be faced with some mixed allegiances this summer no doubt. You're -- star striker we Suarez host rock for the English team. There he is there you are during -- playing for England but -- thing. We have you both and mistress forest playing for your beloved mavericks -- -- an -- -- I mean I don't deliver what was hasn't answer to number seven -- both the most on all the similar policies. -- if you guys stick together and our -- now who who you root for a half. I wanted to play incredibly well for the the quality is doing the moments is full goals the other day when absolutely outstanding. -- -- as he puts the blue -- quite sure it's on. I want to slightly fall below normal and I hope I hoping -- group progress I think it's important. You know the US -- in the England side I didn't really typical groups that she in his eyes as you rightly -- but it's important full -- for adults ourselves and it's -- for the nation. And -- -- for the US funds got one of all teams of on prime Natalie hopefully both teams but that's the next place. All right World Cup fever definitely building now let's talk though about the event itself some ominous signs behind the scenes some of these venues -- -- amazing and they seem to watch here. Couple people died when a crane collapsed into a stadium I mean is there -- what's your sense is the real concern here among fifa officials that they won't be ready by June. What was of real concern in the fox -- three full staging to mixed up until -- deadline -- a real consent. You know they should have been on the old. Sixty -- ought to say -- state fearful stadiums and in Tacoma mixed. The talk about on the nobody in one of the stadiums and -- policy to mid April so we are getting perilously close to start some of the -- they have to -- -- aims to make sure that everything is waking and editing is open voting so it's it is genuine -- at this moment in time you -- You know yes -- was terrible tragic accident since in Sao -- last week. You know hopefully no -- the last negative -- -- talk about that he's going to be finished on time opened -- -- the navy is it going to be fine. Will have a wonderful -- but that I think that is genuine concerns with fifa. And I genuine indeed we're going to be stand on top of that year we know you are Steve thanks for joining us from ESPN England. And of course little Liverpool thank you very much Steve prestige -- ESPN more on the World Cup dry and some tough road. I had for the US national team right here at and of course. ESP NFC dot com this has been an ABC news digital special report. And Devin -- in New York.

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{"id":21128975,"title":"Tough Road Ahead for US at World Cup","duration":"3:00","description":"U.S. set to play Ghana, Germany, Portugal at this year's World Cup Tournament.","url":"/US/video/tough-road-ahead-us-world-cup-21128975","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}