Town With Frack-Fouled Water Gets Pure Supply

Mark Ruffalo helps with delivery after fracking tainted Dimmock Township's water
1:43 | 12/07/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Town With Frack-Fouled Water Gets Pure Supply
Some families living on Carter road and did -- township invited people from across the state and the country to see -- Hydro fracking has taken their clean well water. In torn their neighborhood apart. I guarantee you more people are going to be damaged in the future. And I'm just doing -- protection over sorely township want to know how we fix it before it comes to my neighborhood. Eleven families here are suing Cabot Oil & Gas the company that drills in the area and recently stopped delivering fresh water to folks on Carter road. Now Hollywood is on the neighbor's side documentary filmmakers an actor Mark Russell a visit at the rally. And I don't care where you stand on the side of the issue we -- the fact that. We have to remember that the human cost and I think this is that this is about we come here in total. And -- -- in peace and love to bring these people the very essential thing that they need which is water. In addition to their support that people who came here delivered hundreds of gallons of fresh drinking water. Paul Reuben is a geologist working with the families in their lawsuit he says the DP's findings aren't -- ballot -- the well water here is still contaminated. What -- should be continued ground water and a fractured bedrock. The system that's contaminated has almost no potential -- being cleaned out. While the rally carried on just next door did -- residents protested for a different reason. Many of these folks have leases -- the gas drillers but they say those plans have been stalled while gimmick is drawing national attention. It should be the poster child because it's a wonderful place to live and it's an example of what a thriving new industry can do both -- community in the country. That's what it should be -- poster child.

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{"duration":"1:43","description":"Mark Ruffalo helps with delivery after fracking tainted Dimmock Township's water","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15100474","title":"Town With Frack-Fouled Water Gets Pure Supply","url":"/US/video/town-frack-fouled-water-pure-supply-fracking-dimmock-township-15100474"}