Toyota Tacoma Trucks Targets of Theft

Santa Barbara, Calif., police investigate string of stolen pickup trucks.
3:00 | 08/03/12

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Transcript for Toyota Tacoma Trucks Targets of Theft
Santa Barbara police say they've documented at least a handful of thefts targeting older Toyota Tacoma trucks. But I'd venture to say that anywhere -- -- to come and pick -- truck is parked in in public. I could be at risk. Less than two weeks ago detectives tracked to truck stolen from the Bakersfield area and sold in Santa Barbara. Using stolen plates fraudulent vehicle titles and -- numbers. And guess what. One was stolen again. There is some paperwork that -- seem to make the deal legitimate. But then soon after the deal was made. These vehicles -- then -- -- again presumably by the same suspects. And just this week thieves sold three more to come -- from the east side of town. Police say so far they've made one arrest a man out of LA. -- these are the original keys and account with a power -- Griffin was one of the original Tacoma targets late last month there was the plates were stealing the swap in the plates on the truck. So they were probably intended to take it. Police -- Tacoma owners like Griffin to park them in a garage or block -- in -- driveway with another car. Or by a clot blocked or alarm. Police say the thieves are targeting older Toyota Tacoma trucks roughly between the years 2002 -- 2005. The older ones that don't have the digital locking system on the front. Police can't confirm whether the thieves have a master key war if the locks on older tracks are simply -- making them easier to break into. Either way Griffin says he intends to invest in a little security. And it's been agreed to recommend venturing to -- -- in Santa Barbara I'm Beth Farnsworth for -- news.

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{"id":16922364,"title":"Toyota Tacoma Trucks Targets of Theft","duration":"3:00","description":"Santa Barbara, Calif., police investigate string of stolen pickup trucks.","url":"/US/video/toyota-tacoma-trucks-targets-theft-16922364","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}