Track Team's Punishment Results in Serious Injuries

Indiana high school coaches investigated after making athletes "bear crawl" on hands and feet.
1:42 | 05/03/13

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Transcript for Track Team's Punishment Results in Serious Injuries
These hands of high school boys and girls black blistered and bleeding. Several members of the track team at cascade high school were forced to bear walk on their hands -- -- around the track. As punishment for missing practice Friday before Saturday's prom. Most of them stopped -- -- Atlanta. The sentence -- -- really -- -- came and went Huntsville. This fourteen year old freshman still traumatized didn't even go to the prom. She says she and some others had legitimate reasons for missing practice one girl was -- a doctor's appointment. She says coaches showed no sympathy for their pain. I showed missed out on my hands as I was getting -- easily get your hands I think it's -- We answer wicketkeeper Ian and -- and to. One mother just back from the doctor says her daughter's injuries were diagnosed as second and third degree burns. And that there were pieces of asphalt in batted in her daughter's skin. I was just disgusted I mean I couldn't believe they -- -- kids do they did. You know I -- There they could and discipline and in a totally different way you know. Added more laps of practice or whatever. This was held for just let me take care my child not harm child. Honestly I'd like to see the coaches did exactly what they had to do you know and it's a job. The fourth coaches -- -- -- are also teachers here were not in school today. Going forward administrators want parents to know that the safety of their students. Is their number one priority reporting and Hendricks county Tonya Spencer RTV six.

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{"id":19102113,"title":"Track Team's Punishment Results in Serious Injuries","duration":"1:42","description":"Indiana high school coaches investigated after making athletes \"bear crawl\" on hands and feet.","url":"/US/video/track-teams-punishment-results-injuries-19102113","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}