Traffic Stop Leads to Stolen Weapons Discovery

Nevada man, 21, in a stolen pickup truck was arrested in Seattle near the University of Washington.
2:21 | 07/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Traffic Stop Leads to Stolen Weapons Discovery
To set the context of this situation. On Tuesday even being. You don't PD officers. Were checking a vehicle with the suspect. Sleeping inside. Off kept up on village Laura village which is -- Arctic patrol area. There was a noncriminal contact. Where the suspect was -- and and a vehicle checked for repairs warrants. With nothing coming back. There was no need to have any additional contact with the suspects the subject at that time so he was released. On Wednesday morning. That vehicle was entered -- stolen all of Montana. And our dispatch center received delayed notification. Of the stolen entry. Also asserts that afternoon in late morning and returned to -- original location to search for that be heckled. They were unsuccessful. -- get shifts work -- of the suspect. And vehicle description. At 10:30 PM on Wednesday July 3 -- thirteen. Officers from the universal Washington police department observe that vehicle. On campus. And conducted a high risk traffic stop. In the 3400 block sand point way northeast. The officers took the driver. Of the vehicle and about a precedent into custody. Without incident. Originally on -- stolen vehicle charge. He was brought back to the you don't PV -- Washington. Our detectives then head out subsequent false search of the be -- goal. Which rebuild a stolen scoped rifle. Stolen shotgun. Suspect that incident -- -- very device -- and body armor. -- Washington police department requested assistance from the Seattle Police Department which has since joined investigation. At this point. There does not appear to be any threat to the universal -- and community. This is an ongoing. Criminal investigation. The University of Washington police department is collaborating with the Seattle Police Department. And the -- Federal Bureau of Investigation. On this case.

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{"id":19587565,"title":"Traffic Stop Leads to Stolen Weapons Discovery","duration":"2:21","description":"Nevada man, 21, in a stolen pickup truck was arrested in Seattle near the University of Washington.","url":"/US/video/traffic-stop-leads-stolen-weapons-discovery-19587565","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}