2 transgender women killed days apart in Charlotte

Investigators are unsure if the killings are connected.
2:36 | 04/16/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2 transgender women killed days apart in Charlotte
One thing about data issue was loved by every body. That came across her. Tonight peacock is thinking of his friend Jada Peters sent. Data treated every one weird. Kindness. And respect. The 29 year old was found shot to death on Easter Sunday at this web Charlotte hotel. Now eleven days later another transgender woman was killed at a hotel in the University City area. It is very very scary. In less than a two week period. We have lost skill. From our community. Police are also very concerned about this similar case six. There's a very critical time right now investigators say both trans women were sex workers both shot to death in hotel rooms. And seem PD is urging the community to be cautious and vigilant and report anything suspicious. Because they worried they're could be someone intentionally preying on trans women. There is probably arguably never more vulnerable time for them. Then tonight. Until this person or these people whom Everett is that this involved and responsible for these cases until they're apprehended. CN PD reach out to LB GTQ community groups to help get the word out. That homer was Charlotte fried says the response has been immediate with a lot of outreach happening right now to protect people. Please stay vigilant check in with your friends your family. But violence against trans women is to comment. It's incredibly sad that we have to it to continually count the number of trans women. Who are murdered every year. Something Jane his friends say she knew all too well jade I had her fears. About. Fists T and what this he could do. But one thing about date it is and I will say this for the record data trusted in the lower and all of that she be. Comer says it's going to take a larger community effort to stop the violent. This violence against trans women. Will not end until this becomes a broader conversation outside of L two B two Q circles. With two winning killed in less than two weeks I asked CN PD if there could be other similar case six. Working for everything to see if there's something. All on the line it could be connected to these cases that there's there's something bigger here. Now as attentive and worked to Philly and those answer was and find out who killed these women. Loved ones are praying their costs and we. We hope that justice is served. We'll.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"Investigators are unsure if the killings are connected. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77119070","title":"2 transgender women killed days apart in Charlotte","url":"/US/video/transgender-women-killed-days-charlotte-77119070"}