Sybrina Fulton: 'Verdict Is Not Going to Define' Trayvon Martin

Mother of slain Florida teen delivers remarks to the National Urban League in Philadelphia.
59:20 | 07/26/13

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Transcript for Sybrina Fulton: 'Verdict Is Not Going to Define' Trayvon Martin
This is a special report from ABC news. Hello I'm Taina Hernandez in New York this is an ABC news digital special report thirteen days after George Zimmerman was acquitted -- Sanford Florida jury trade on Martin's mother. Sabrina -- is expected to push for federal civil rights charges against her son's killer. In his speech to the national currently in Philadelphia. Now attorney general Eric Holder spoke to the group yesterday but did not mention case we're joined now by ABC's -- -- act planet tell us a little bit more about the Urban League and what. Do we expect to -- a -- to say this afternoon. Thanks -- -- according to the Urban League their mission is to enable African Americans to secure economic self reliance parity power and civil rights. We are still waiting to hear her speak she should be up any minute now. And we expect -- -- talk about the train on Martin foundation which she says is trying to take something that's been very painful to her and turn it into something very positive. Now she has been vocal in the aftermath of the verdict she tweedy and pretty soon after George Zimmermann. Was acquitted what -- been saying. Typically in her speeches and in her comments cents. Well immediately after the verdict came out she and train -- father released a joint statement saying that in order for trains on to rest in peace. We must be peaceful also -- Twitter feed she's posted some of her favorite songs one of which trust in the lord with all your heart. You can forget. Her face as the verdict was read he seemed absolutely stunned. We do you know she had a reaction this morning -- Robin Roberts spoke with juror -- 29 a woman who said. That she believes George Zimmerman got away with murder and she was on the jury she said given the legal parameters. She had to move to a quick tell us about. To breed of -- reaction to Jerome B twenty. Yes that's -- -- trip on mother said that it was devastating to hear what she already knew in her heart and and -- -- also I think. Was really appreciative to hear that this and to hear more about the deliberations because remember before this -- came forward all we have heard was that one a non mr. -- spoke to Anderson Cooper. Tell us a little bit about -- on Martin's father he's been equally busy he was on the hill this week speaking to one congressional group. Tell us about. Well that was the newly formed congressional caucus on black men and boys. And -- -- said that trade on was his hero and he vowed to keep up the fight for him for his memory -- not to let this trial define his sign. And also not only word -- behind but for all the other black boys and children in this country all right line at me have -- it's reasonable to this year and speaking about her son came on. Hello. Thank you so much. Let me start off. Because I have to put -- first. He's first in my life. And I certainly hope he's bursting your life is slim. I need to sell you my favorite Bible verse. His problem birds three -- and six. And this day -- trust in the lord with all your heart. And lean not -- your own understanding. It all -- ways acknowledge him. And he -- direct -- path. Let me just say that I stand here before you today. Only the with the grace of god. Only because. Does the -- their lives within me. Because at the mother. Sabrina couldn't do it. Sabrina and could not -- -- -- Sabrina could not lose. One of our children. It's only -- god that I stand before you today. And as -- before. Trade -- was not sign. But trade bond is also yours time. I just ask you. As a mother. -- -- -- -- To rent -- a man around what is happening. Because I speak to you. As trade bonds mother. I speak to you as a parent. In the absolutely worst. Telephone call. You can receive as a parent. Is to know they just signed. US side. You would never kiss again. I'm just asking you to wrap your man around there. Wrap your mind around. No prompt its right mind. No -- school graduation -- right mind. -- -- Alex what's right behind. No Greinke is coming from -- bond. -- because. -- -- -- -- -- their fans. Prevent it. The person who starting killed my son. To be held accountable. And to pay -- is awful grand. What does not -- -- -- U. My miss this to you is. Please use of mass story. Please use my tragedy. Please use not broken heart. To say to yourself. We cannot let this happen -- -- -- body else's child. And I hope I've delivered that message. Because on the way here. I gave the travel -- -- my business cards. In it has the kitchen and try to bond on the -- And what -- stand was. He told me that's not -- to. So my message is coming across the. It is coming across the right way. Is coming across because. I know day. Regardless of the color -- -- -- somebody is listening. That's somebody wants to end to end somebody wants to every day. The only thing that I say to -- it is. Nobody is hurting the worst -- me as a parent. -- -- -- Because you know that as a mom. -- on those -- -- -- when it comes to our children. And we have every right to be. When they terror. We heard. When they're happy we're happy. At times I feel like -- a broken -- the. At times I don't know. If I'm going our economy. But -- know. Beyond -- shadow of a doubt. -- god is using me thank god is using my family to make a change to make a difference. So less sleep. I just want to tell you. About the foundation that we have created in trade -- named. Because the verdict. Is not going to -- -- who -- bond market loves. We will define his legacy. We will -- -- who he is and what he was all about. I can't do it alone. -- do it would just my family. So not only I'm not -- in Urban League family. I'm asking your individual families. To take a look at our web site. To get involved and stand up for something police. Because we need your help your support. And more importantly your voice. -- -- There are no more stray -- Martin's. They DN. I want to say. Thank you. To the National Urban League and thank you to my attorneys because without them we would be lost. Thank you to everybody gets supported me and my family thank you put your prayers. -- -- -- And god bless you -- Thank you. Sabrina Fulton. And mother of trade on Martin's feet before the urban. Philadelphia. -- before she started her speech and when she finished the room stood in ovation applauding her. Sabrina Fulton they're taking on the stand your ground -- asking. The audience to do something to help fight against what she called quote an awful lot that allowed a stranger. To kill her son again talking about the stand your ground law in Florida. Her message to the audience trade -- is your son too and she also asked them to support the -- -- on -- foundation. Which is -- support and advocacy group for crime victims as well as their families a brief statement there. From Sabrina -- to the urban National Urban League civil rights group. As their reaction continues. To flow and verdict. -- -- case. You can watching an ABC news digital special report I'm -- Hernandez -- -- -- get a complete recap. On ABC news. Much. Thank you so much this -- This has been a special report from me.

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{"duration":"59:20","description":"Mother of slain Florida teen delivers remarks to the National Urban League in Philadelphia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"19785360","title":"Sybrina Fulton: 'Verdict Is Not Going to Define' Trayvon Martin","url":"/US/video/trayvon-martin-mother-speech-2013-sybrina-fulton-addresses-19785360"}