Trayvon Martin Texts Reveal Fighting, Drug Use

George Zimmerman's attorneys release text messages from the slain teenager.
1:11 | 05/24/13

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Transcript for Trayvon Martin Texts Reveal Fighting, Drug Use
The defense says this kittles an Arizona -- trade on Martin bought at this 7-Eleven -- night he was killed. Might have been more than an innocent snack the defense says this photo of red liquid on his cell -- suggests he might have intended. To mix them with coding to make something called lean. Young people drink to get high. And the defense might use this written statement from Martin's girlfriend who was on the phone with -- moments before neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman shot him. WFTB legal analyst bill Schaffer says the defense is posturing before trial. You lit this state know. Be careful how you paint tray -- Morton because we have a whole lot of evidence that your picture -- may not be to complete picture. His girlfriend did not first say Martin was scared but that she assumed he was getting into a fight. Zimmerman says the teenager started the fighting he fired out of self defense. Texts on Martin's cell phone deal a lot with his fighting getting suspended from school because of it and getting kicked out of his mother's house because of it. Martin family attorney Natalie Jackson told us today it is highly unlikely that any of these red herrings will even be admitted into evidence at trial.

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{"id":19249306,"title":"Trayvon Martin Texts Reveal Fighting, Drug Use","duration":"1:11","description":"George Zimmerman's attorneys release text messages from the slain teenager.","url":"/US/video/trayvon-martin-texts-reveal-fighting-drug-use-19249306","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}