Trayvon Martin's Friend Defends Withholding Information

Rachel Jeantel says she didn't volunteer any information that she wasn't asked about.
3:37 | 06/27/13

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Transcript for Trayvon Martin's Friend Defends Withholding Information
That's progressed now to the interview he gave to mr. -- On the phone on March 19 later the same day. You acknowledge that nowhere. In that. I was about thirty minutes altogether. -- -- Do you. -- -- but no word during an interview. Did you say. In response to any question specific or general. You heard Trayvon Martin's a little get -- get -- Here. Hadn't -- had told. Change. He ate anything he can hear. When news -- If -- -- Something was wrong. -- -- -- -- -- -- She. -- And thinking that and thirteen. Being from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I didn't take my. -- -- -- -- -- And won't turn provinces think it will corn now. -- questioned it. So you made his decision and not to tell mr. -- that you actually hurt you on Martin's. Get off get off because you -- in a hurry. It's. The -- -- -- is an additional pertinent questions. Allowing Indians there. Sure you weren't worried about telling him first of all truth he horrible story it. First he's -- -- He the so. -- -- -- -- -- You know things that story is anything. About what happened there the -- -- will -- The if I -- -- what I heard you this is that you told national team here. They want -- to hear everything. That an officer that you would tell everything to an office yes. But they didn't put an officer in contact with. That's we know you didn't get any messages or get any calls from an office. -- So when -- -- talking with mr. trump. He has recorded interview. For the first time ever being. -- to tell the story about what you do. You're in a hurry and among the things that you chose not to say was that. Before the phone cut off but after the body retrieval and -- say a little get up get off. Into the yeah you you may.

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{"id":19506509,"title":"Trayvon Martin's Friend Defends Withholding Information","duration":"3:37","description":"Rachel Jeantel says she didn't volunteer any information that she wasn't asked about.","url":"/US/video/trayvon-martins-friend-defends-withholding-information-19506509","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}