Trayvon Martin's Parents Fight The Release of His School Records

Slain teenager's parents hold a news conference to argue the relevancy of school records in trial.
3:00 | 10/19/12

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Transcript for Trayvon Martin's Parents Fight The Release of His School Records
Let us be clear. -- -- family. Does not feel that his school records or relevant in any way. It is wrong to subpoena of records all so many levels from -- -- -- school. It is very big -- to -- -- if the court sees fit. To -- tray about school records. We demand. Bad -- Zimmerman -- medical records be released because they -- more relevant as to why. He shot and killed -- Bob final February 26. Now they will address sure enough a few minutes -- -- -- and this issue. Because better than the cities and beyond their control. They can't doing -- thing about the court's decision so they want to focus all things that they can do. They a famine that. Is there has weighed in bowling. The court system and their weighed in. In their ways in. As so instead of just since -- -- -- by. Doing that then they are trapped. Preserve this -- legacy the best way they know how. As so. Today are here to talk to you today. Also about the chase -- -- by -- committee. That was started. To have put forth -- Bob Martin amendment to the stand -- ground balls across America. And they -- -- go to state legislators across America. Too prosaic. Betray Bob -- -- a -- the stand your ground law which is. Preference. All of this basic premise that you cannot be -- aggressive. You cannot be that -- dictator. You cannot go start the fight. And their claim stand your ground. -- it was self defense. That's not common sense. And they are not against the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms but they are for responsible -- involves. And -- -- -- invited to sit down with -- did try to make responsible good lulls. -- were big beautiful all -- communities. Whether it be that good a lot of the art is big government took it to -- we invite them to sit down so we can't track. To make these walls -- Now you were here from -- -- forced entry about mother. And then mr. Tracy Moore and trade Abbas -- it. Indiana turnip parts will make some comments and we'll try to pass system we are questions. -- -- -- I hope you all have not forgotten about my son. Because I certainly have not forgotten about him. It's important to remember they -- -- was a minor. He would just seventeen years old he was just a key -- against the grown adult. So it's very difficult. That's the reason why we created. And we have supported. That -- -- trademark committee. Which we would draft legislation. So that we can take to the legislators. So that they can support us. Because we definitely need to change these laws we need to bring back these laws. On my mother and I'm just -- any mother. That has assigned to support me please go to the web site. And please support us but this effort. Mr. Burris remarks. Good -- -- -- First let's just like to say that. -- -- was the victim. And I think is -- that we attacked the victim. And I just filled that's that's human beings. First priority shouldn't be to assassinate the character. Of the victims. And made. Did children. Seems as though bear. The perpetrated. I feel that -- our school records. Are not relevant in this case -- good at George Zemin's medical records all very relevant to the case. Straight -- -- did there's nothing that we can do to bring him back. I just feel as though. I expect. All the mothers all the big daughters this as the father's. Debacles that it's the Brothers. The sisters. Execs who joined us and our efforts. And the common. Ambassadors. Or -- -- -- Spokespersons. Puts a foot -- of our. We feel as -- -- together we can make a difference. So we ask that you visit visit -- treasury bond and assist us. And and become his -- we'll check for -- thank you.

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{"id":17518480,"title":"Trayvon Martin's Parents Fight The Release of His School Records","duration":"3:00","description":"Slain teenager's parents hold a news conference to argue the relevancy of school records in trial. ","url":"/US/video/trayvon-martins-parents-fight-george-zimmermans-request-release-17518480","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}