Trevor Noah talks race relations in America

"Daily Show" host discusses treating racism like a disease.
8:09 | 02/17/17

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Transcript for Trevor Noah talks race relations in America
There's the question house was double time ago when it wouldn't stop treating racism like a disease yeah that's messed my pop idol winner's trophy. When you sit like like nothing about if you if you look at an alcohol we know this person has. Problem is not obviously this isn't. It's if you you know you don't you that the time we show you just the drama and notional you've got a problem when you to help you. And I think it's the same of the racism racism is correct to treat as possible down you teach it to your children. Aside from the susceptible to it but if we treated like a disease when Sean people I don't understand. How we think it's gonna change when we go you're racist get out of here. But then when they go and why would they change so you're doing is you're piling people went to a group who then go well I guess will roll racist now. And then it stops having the effect that you want you want them to change what do you want to take the high ground outlets are. I'll probably be open like I would like he'd like but when people say. I don't think Collette iturbide zealously color. It feels neglected market it is so good this premise to the police the. Say a car spotted in his coming up a lot of celebrities are boycotting yes a lot of news people say they want shopping you want to host him why. I would postage would then host of life also shows up I would host its I don't. Isn't that what it's about student that I I think that the White House correspondent and is is is is you know pressure release all the steam released. It's celebration of free speech the president sitting allegedly left on which routes to I would just told the truth. Yeah. A I. It got out eight election and how vigilant. John I was gonna stick around will be right back. The compositions really good that they should come back Cadillac at my back went up and step out I wanna talk about your book because it's. Amazing how far you've come given what you Stein you literally born a crime being a mixed race. Baby went into racial relationships we'll still illegal in South Africa. Ands you'd take one this agent talent is the senate haven't yet tossed out of the car was little bit please explain. Well what you know old is South Africa was was a country that was as you say was separated by the apart titles and apartheid was. Was really perfect racism because it wasn't just about separating black and white it was convincing that black and black would different from each of us. And that's what hatred is based on blaming other people before the ills of society. As sold when you know it and that's exactly what lessons and and so when we were growing up one day my mom and I'm driving and in attacks in a mini bus you've seen in the South Africa. And the driver of the car was a fan and he was a black man and he was angry. That my mom vote was my mother because he was you have been with the whites men you are a whole and is like today you gonna die. And this this was something that gives you had heard and we knew this was from this was. Always around the corner on South Africa at the time. And so my mom and I was I was half asleep of the time. She said Samir finished traffic light and we're gonna jump out of the guy wasn't stopping it and not sound like it's that we jumping out I didn't sort of here and and and the next thing and you. I was out it's just open the door tossed out of my baby brother she held him and and she jumped out tumbled cocooned in putting bombs on just like I don't even know how they do with a it's like superheroes without the tapes and then she tumbled and we got up and that we ran to get tough. And it. And that was just it strange to say this but that was life you know people would living that life at a time when South Africa was coming out of the throes of some of the most deceitful period we have an instant. We. How did lives and who and hiding affects. You know it's much or is it it didn't it didn't affect me out I won't lie. My mom and dad was so good at creating a reality for me and that's what angle you thank you parents. A powerful new reality is important. Is more powerful then what the reality is what you believe it is dismal how do you know. Come on mom or she and you know is that I was loved. So as a kid I was like I love being indoors I love reading books they don't let me go outside because they said someone's gonna steal me I don't know who that is a lot of that in some valuables unless stated. Plus you know my. I thought it just meant thanked Adam I was special so I stayed in I saw my dad win my mom could sneak need to have. But I did not know how dangerous my will was and that's where I credit my mom fall for breaking those rules and and cocooning me in that. You know you're probably not sounds like and credible by the rebels person and she was it was as you saying the way describing how so. Heaven help you like. I think how I like you like. All I've I've I've I and Harrison a sense of humor but I mean I. I try every day it's obvious cynicism of my mom like many black women be realized very early on that they what the bottom of the totem Poland's decides. You know black women have to fight people gore like actually final yet a black women of the Boston. Strong a couple of that you have to raise men. And that's what my mother had to do with me so. I every day aspirants of a but I don't like I am I'm timid compared to that woman she is fearless she is she is brave she is just she is everything and an act. I'm just chasing every dagger like maybe wondering does anyone else got your troubles. Who my mom and a or me she got chewed up cheat sheet should trade with trouble. That's what she did you know she could cause didn't even the most you have if I didn't want them kiran yes if I don't believe in these laws aren't going to fight them and probably send me she said. We don't we can fight them and were reported in can mock them. Because when you walk then you do not give them boo boo boo the states is that they feel they are certainly still Canadian. Hack. An opinion on it wasn't always tell the story that Megan Lynn. Like if he breaks most people yet and that thing we Levin you talk. About your mother and I remember. And is it's funny because of what's in the announcing during the grammys. And everybody was plotting how this is beautiful dancing pregnant and I'll let everyone I know what the word for it identified and break when they try not scrap it if that kind of thing. It's a pleasant when you have that kind of competent. It we were re Greene made his did you you have both of this thing that it was yet you tell the girls yet so that then theme that. Cordoba whatever you know it's it's why we we only see people as we see them Bryant's so that's what people even say you you know when you wouldn't accident Reese told on TV. Poll when women who are successful shall continue to go full use it women are pressed to do hosting a show. You say that people are a total of anecdotal exactly that's what you don't know where I came from so me I go out my thing didn't even come from Harvard hours are struggling with acting my face was covered with this stuff back. Couldn't tell me why now is how would you all when I was. Like and that's something that you know what's funny is you see it tied in. You look at ice as you look at the all rights look at all of these stories what what ties in. No self esteem and impotence people feeling that cannot and. So they try to approach to let let me plug in Santa gig before the gov has been running out of time that it's called. It's called afraid of the dark afraid of the dock okay. And that's and since we know that you're very little with your rug title choices what is this and I you literally afraid of the park I'm I'm literally afraid of the dark I I don't know why am not a comfortable or know. Half business. You come any time you come any time you so much what this book I'm telling you not everybody is going home. With the okay. That's okay. They don't want.

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{"id":45568025,"title":"Trevor Noah talks race relations in America","duration":"8:09","description":"\"Daily Show\" host discusses treating racism like a disease.","url":"/US/video/trevor-noah-talks-race-relations-america-45568025","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}