Tropical Storm Harvey makes its way to Louisiana

ABC News' Steve Osunsami is at a local shelter with people who were rescued from the flooding.
13:20 | 08/29/17

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Transcript for Tropical Storm Harvey makes its way to Louisiana
Good morning I'm Steve mostly sunny with ABC news and we are standing live outside of an evacuation center and I want you to take a look. That you could see yourself it is surrounded by water there's water on. All sides of it the road that we came in on is surrounded by water there was much worse than it was much worse earlier. And authorities here are concerned that if this water continues to rise when the rain starts back up again that they might have to evacuate. The evacuation center the mayor told us that just a few minutes ago. There are many roads across the city that are blocked right now we're having a little bit of a break in the rain we had to drive. Over some high water and actually drive around high water in parts of this city. There are entrance ramps to overpasses that have. At least 34 feet of water now we passed by one the one that was closest to hear that had three cars. That were stunned. In the entrance of that over that ramp because in the dark they were trying to get up. And they weren't able to see how deep the water was so. I want to take you inside this shelter there are about some I want to say a couple dozen people here now. We've seen other families. Moved in here. We're told that about 500. We're told that about 500. Families have been moved from their home. And so take a look you can see here they've got blankets and other sort of donations. Things that were brought into this family's. And let's keep going this way we're gonna meet. Adrienne. Reliever Adrian. Curious. Adrian. Hello Adrian. How are you good good. So he runs the shelter. Tell me when did you guys over. Oh we opened about two days ago and I don't run it I'm just. Helping today's Q means we have things in order. It was opened by our mayor. We just hear he was just here mirror. Opposite. Nick runner up in. Ms. Kelly from waters answers. Helps the homeless it was. And so that's not great we do ministry. Together on the mayor told us that you know because if this water rises to feel it's gone down a little bit which is good right he says it is rises you may have to evacuate the evacuations that's right. That's for real unfortunately that's that something that could be cost. Because it was higher this morning just a few hours ago he loves as the other volumes to hear this surrounding the so as though at the rate goes down it feels Indian with a plays hockey games this season. How many families you have your overnight overnight publishing families can sing roughly. Roughly a bottle pleaded buried him. So not not quite have an awful lot yet not let your prepared you have all the stuff here and absolutely you guys are expecting more we ought. Maybe we're told last night Daley. For pass. Just in case you know let's be one of these families family inside and this is. What's this over here this if your. From the fifteen day ahead. These are odd directors of the actual facility. And so there just isn't enough you can email me back up so I think it was his handling of the over here we Mac. So these cots you're gonna have enough room you have enough room for their crops fifth on the wane off soon. Yeah we just. Yeah. Young and churches and businesses so everything that we have. Gloria it was good to see you again don't give your name on retiree groups. During nexus and I'm Steve what you didn't take old Stacy case Casey how are you all right are you doing a far longer you act of 32 weeks and here you are in a shelter. What what's what's. What happened. Song how bad was the water. All it was pretty Diddy who. That's an overload words you. It was way street. When this happened yesterday I guess there are about 1130 video we gotta. Are banging on the doors and have been the fire department that begins and have weighed down broad street new American laws within the tolls Gordon. We have good news period so they would want an oval we'll look mover someone I didn't got into the library of. So you went first and yes. Judy flop he has so you went to you're in a life rafts off your units and on here. If you want some sorry. You're in a few guys all in the life raft. Yeah there was an iPad you separately I don't know they when enough room for me. We visited Monday the ability to his home won't lose might and I had to work through. Wow wow do with your house it's like granola had no idea look no now nobody was surrounded with water moments did you water in the house to those alone. Through six inches for Florida. It was veterans are welcome marker with regard. To see how how the war room new the good mood about three feet. This is an hour and that never dreamed we now. That it would have went on did you get to ground its. Head or hands and we got you know I think case. Bloom I don't weird thing goes. Wow what do you think how Long Will you be here America whole toppled by the review would you go back door and leaves about Thursday plugged at least nobody even knows normal. While you talk to relatives or anything like that actually may Wear implants for Mobile, Alabama. Fruits and download area that we have nobody here's his manner Phillies say to people who are looking at this and say wow I didn't know. Now it's going to be like this. I'd say we're you always shoot prepared it was the warnings and you know like talking with my neighbors as though they never say or visited Manila I don't. Never seen nothing like so. You don't would be business here me. Yeah air bags in case. Championing a sleepy you know and I eventually bullet in his field he no need to rush hour accident lunch hey Jeremy. Just in case. Yeah out of blue national Lima and Miller week with the you know they're working together to get out out damn that was it's gotta be especially tough you've been expecting to Aaliyah Aaliyah. I mean really that's got to be undermined this whole thing. Any it is I mean he. Is there could be mistaken here in new Galactica. That would be similar situation banks had to carry him through week you know birds need hearings. They know what's ahead. Area called pop pop pop pop and you know it's that it W imagine congratulations you've both combat thank you very much resolutions and on with some guys the best. And I hope that you make it through. Will greatly you know and that your home is safe and sound you know hunting. Take it easy now they eat you thank you very much all right we've is that this is very right now. It's live there people watching you right now who are watching it live so they're watching he had where you're richer families and in the field. You know bell Mobile, Alabama liquor yeah they're family they're watching it nine. We will hopefully hopefully get that message Ager he wanted to tell me something absolutely dumbfounded I was speaking to you Rick early years dad is dead in his children. Where water deep a half and they got into a bowl the national. Tom okay. The children I hear that dad had to leave the hospital where where the children released them after OK we'll we'll meet them. We're gonna meet these children who got here by boat you know there are all these different rescue stories. Hello. How are you this. You guys lined up and how you doing I'm Steve. What's your name police how are you what's her name his kids this Mitchell nice to meet you are you doing what's your name. Thomas. Got a lift parent Katherine tyra nicely too tiring. Dead and jasmine all you jasmine an advocate Elizabeth are you guys doing. Good good looking and I'll play it was nice to meet two very nice to meet soon to tell me what happened yesterday. I'll sell it even he does I'll talk. Need an end. Yeah. I mean a lot of sudden. No we head into the bottom line number and outside and all you're doing it's. He goes on I'm. Sunlight on them. The so your house is filling with water. And all these guys reason why the book hits the bull's. It is so hum hunt how high was a water line. I don't really was that high yeah so the water was really high I was milieu is enough that's all. There was there. I want to use of the there. Yeah so the water is rising then what happened. He had a load up on the. You blow it up Botha got blow up boots yet again Moses. That's you must make that data they have got. So there's these broad like they're like swim tours of yeah. Knowledge like you have one of them here not enough now OK so you've blown up this globe and the admit. The wall did. Along the way. So your dad was pulling you guys are floating on top of the water. And then you guys he walked in front of you guys Sally did it. Yeah and then you guys got here. Wow wow wow was this in the dark or was it. It was in the dark so the young teens really. Oh goodness museum at home since. Hit yeah how are you guys doing now. Good where did you guys sleep last night. Kenyon bachelor did you have a Cotter so bad news radio we'll you'd see you don't look like. Oh wow so you slip right here on the war. So I'm getting wet water Princeton where you slept. Where you sleep and that's not good isn't. Sitting in. You singularly. You came in where his wow long hair I'm glad that you guys are all safe level must. They're really needed he he go to Ron Paul really be. When house. So he's still coming back yes it at mountain home we'll head didn't go to our. It. He will now. Yeah they are granted him but you guys are safe. You're doing. You do good you guys are all looking Q you know got your hand you brats is all that stuff he you know the so I'm glad that you guys are okay. All right well thank you very much for talking to us and we really appreciated. The Daytona. He does yes he did you don't miss Oklahoma guys. Okay I'm might happen here is it on your phone owners in on his. You know since his phone. And on the CEO noted the house. He did okay. You know what I'd lie is I'm gonna talk to a bit phenomenon come back and didn't talk to get your desk phone number we'll talk to Lindsay maybe we can get some of those pictures. Time is amazing. All right I'll be right back I'll be right back thank you guys and I'm wishing you guys the best all right. Okay thank you. So they're expecting more families here tonight. The mayor told us that they think that. Tonight they expect will be. The worst that they're going to see here the forecast sort of says a little differently and it could be tomorrow. For some reason everything in the tonight is going to be a night when they're gonna see perhaps the most activity. We are of course expecting anywhere from as much as ten in. Just a brain. A blog on top of parts of our hearts are parts of southeastern Louisiana. On the storm is expected to come ashore again right where we are in the Lake Charles area. There is of course the concern about what's happening in New Orleans. The New Orleans there is a big concern that after all these years after all the lessons they learned in Hurricane Katrina. But there are still fourteen palm sponsors must keep the city dry. That are working that work is ongoing. They're also trying to clear drains they have some. 151000 drains that are clogged and 3500 of them that are seriously flawed that's worked that's also happening in New Orleans. So everyone else who is of course waiting for this storm to move on shore again. Preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. I'm Steve isn't sunny in Lake Charles, Louisiana. For ABC news.

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{"duration":"13:20","description":"ABC News' Steve Osunsami is at a local shelter with people who were rescued from the flooding.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49490814","title":"Tropical Storm Harvey makes its way to Louisiana","url":"/US/video/tropical-storm-harvey-makes-louisiana-49490814"}