Tropical Storm Harvey soaks Houston with heavy rain

ABC News' Lana Zak gives an update after Harvey was downgraded to a tropical storm.
4:26 | 08/26/17

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Transcript for Tropical Storm Harvey soaks Houston with heavy rain
Hi there viewers I'm Lana that here for you in Houston calling all the latest on carving Alec tropical storm the hurricane came four. Yesterday really did significant damage in areas like Corpus Christi and Freeport. You'll remember we talked about report yesterday has that was the place where the mayor told residents. That if they decide that by the evacuation orders they can write on their arms and sharpening their name and Social Security number. We hound learned that there was at least one fatality there in report. As rescue crews are continuing to go through those. Damaged buildings so many of them that we've seen completely. Flattened. Corpus Christi also having the brunt of parties. Category four landfall. Sell many downed power lines of real devastation we thought. Building we Sally iron core gated building being whipped around like play toys. And and power lines to thinks now. Here in the Houston area in this situation have been much better folks are actually in pretty blatant. Hear it. Happy to have with stolen some of the worst of it last night but as you can probably see there still are these wind gusts there is still plenty of rain. And as Harvey has really slowed and stopped. Moving aggressively. There is the potential for massive amounts of rainfall at the Dow part of what we're going to be continuing to monitor here in Houston especially. As the bayous and rivers continue to rise we're told. Dads in this rain system may continue. At least through Wednesday several more days. In this silly they thought that perhaps a hurricane Harvey would retreat back out into the Gulf Coast and then come back. Essentially for direct hit on Houston we're now thinking that her house because. It has slowed so much now moving kind of its leisurely pace this dropping rain with much less win. That that won't be the case but again. Whether or since films are constantly fluctuating and meteorologists monitor anything that come up with there. Their best estimate. Of what might happen but all these are projections at every weather system is different. So that's going to be part of what we continue to want Wii game here from the governor. Have it today he was really concerned about the possibility of people. Dying in and flooding and so the message that we want to get out everyone is. If you are not in a safe location you can get yourself some place that is higher ground. Not worth risking it and then the other problem is that people trades at come out during breaks in the storm rain Alley when it's not raining. Now they want it that's the damage. And the other thing that we've heard them officials here in and there are a lot of people. Coverage that. We'll cover that have been lifted off on that might be exposed right now and you don't see it because of the all of the wandering the streets. And people can in fact die that we've also seen some rescues of cars that have. Tried to do what you know that they're not supposed to do you wrong time through. These these streets that have become flooded and they just aren't capable of doing so so. The advice that we want to give you that officials want to give you is if you see. Water where they're not supposed to be water. Don't go into it it seems like a pretty easy ED lesson to learn and yet every time that is when of these weather system that seems like we are always talking about people. Who think that they can do it who'd just sort of ignore the warnings war or find themselves on in a more serious situation. Fundamentally. The news coming out now tropical storm Harvey is good and that positive. We are excited to report that there aren't more casualties we do know that the Coast Guard. Successfully rescued at least eighteen. Individuals those numbers are probably going to continue to go up as. Emergency worker is are really doing heroic work here in the Gulf Coast. So many millions of residents here though in Texas Louisiana Mississippi. Continue. To be under warnings and and threats of high wind of torrential rainfall. We're in any monitoring all of those things as this storm is expected to continue for several more days. I know that I'm not packing my bags to go anywhere any time. Reporting for all of you and ABC news I'm on is that coming from Houston continue to watch For all the latest beat him.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"ABC News' Lana Zak gives an update after Harvey was downgraded to a tropical storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49442873","title":"Tropical Storm Harvey soaks Houston with heavy rain","url":"/US/video/tropical-storm-harvey-soaks-houston-heavy-rain-49442873"}