Trump administration asks to repeal Affordable Care Act

The Department of Justice says the court should completely invalidate the Obama health care law.
2:46 | 03/26/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump administration asks to repeal Affordable Care Act
I write another big move from the DOJ just days after the Muller reports. The trump administration is now taking a hard stance on the Affordable Care Act saying the entire law should be struck down so for more I wanna go to Devin Dwyer who's at the Supreme Court. In Karen Travers at the White House Caron and Devin I just wanted to talk us through this what does this mean. And the real world impact its going to have. And it. Yet clearly well this is a major shift for the trump administration deciding overnight that they are gonna agree with a federal district court that late last year. Struck down the entirety and Affordable Care Act what does that mean what that means if the courts. Ruling holds everything in the law would be struck down including pre existing conditions protections. Those basic preventive care requirements. Subsidies for people that are buying insurance on the exchanges and of course the expansion. Of Medicaid in this country which I keep health insurance and health coverage to millions more Americans are very. Significant move why doesn't matter what the trump administration is saying well it means. I Kimberly that their opinion I will get hurt by the appellate court judge their hearing the case now so this is by no means the final word but a significant shift. From the White House in changing their position on this law millions of people of course have coverage under the affordable care. And Karen I wanna go to you what does this mean politically obviously health care was a major issue for the Democrats. And 2018 I mean during the mid term so what do you think of this. Kimberly was the issue for Democrats it's what they campaigned on during the mid term elections in a very key reason. Why they were able to take back the majority in the house and you look at this as the best political gift that the trump administration could give to Democrats. And the timing is especially good because the president. Continued to take is victory lap over the findings from the special counsel Robert Mueller there's a flight on Capitol Hill right now over whether that report will be released to lawmakers and to the public and now this gives Democrats the opportunity to put the issue of health care front and center. And Kimberly remember over the past couple of weeks the president his senior staff have slammed Democrats for only focusing on investigations. For a presidential harassment. President himself at a couple weeks ago that they should be talking about issues like health care will now look for Democrats to really zero in on health care. And also point out that the president himself last year in the campaign throughout. At every stop once they got a sense that Democrats were potentially going to take back control of the house. President and allies. Promised Americans that they would protect people with preexisting conditions and that was an important part of their pitch to mid term voters last year Democrats are now going to say they're going back on a promise.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"The Department of Justice says the court should completely invalidate the Obama health care law. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61958899","title":"Trump administration asks to repeal Affordable Care Act","url":"/US/video/trump-administration-asks-repeal-affordable-care-act-61958899"}