Trump announces new policy for asylum seekers

"We're not going to let people come into the U.S illegally," the president said.
2:12 | 11/02/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump announces new policy for asylum seekers
President is sending troops to the border and he does say it is possible. They could open fire let's listen to some of his statements. He won't he won't. Which the military I hope I hope there won't be then. But I will tell you this anybody throwing stones rocks we will consider that a firearm. Because is not much difference they want to throw rocks at our military military fights back. We're getting considered I jump consider rifles. Want to bring in our Louis Martinez to get his reaction on that -- what do we know so far about the president's plan with these troops in what they're actually at the border to do. Welding and they are not dealing law enforcement that is and that is the role of Customs and Border Protection at CBP. They're the ones are gonna have officers on the border have officers right there they're the ones interject my migrants as they come across the border. The US military acted each consider being sent what they're doing is they are providing support logistical support technical support. They're going to be doing construction they're going to be building vehicle barriers are going to be. My erecting some fencing. And they're gonna be constructing some tents to house additional CBP personnel not migrants. I'm so what the president is talking about here is slightly different if not very different from what US military officials have been telling us here about what the role is of the military. When he says is that Iraq may be considered firearms. That would be let's call that the rules of engagement while what officials call the use of force. There are set rules in place for wind military service members can use force in response Q it proportional threat. So when there is a threat. You use proportions it starts with nonlethal and in a news forward potentially. To a different level by I since it is the military will not be involved in law enforcement I don't see a scenario where they're going to be actually that close to the migrants. So when the president says that they may fire back and I'm decide clear how that could happen. But either way. They have rules of force would not call for that it to happen immediately because again it's a proportional. Response I'm not an immediate then go to firearms differently Martinez from ABC news that the Pentagon we appreciate it thanks.

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{"id":58926586,"title":"Trump announces new policy for asylum seekers","duration":"2:12","description":"\"We're not going to let people come into the U.S illegally,\" the president said.","url":"/US/video/trump-announces-policy-asylum-seekers-58926586","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}