Trump asserts executive privilege on Mueller report

Trump's decision comes as the House Judiciary Committee votes to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt.
6:02 | 05/08/19

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Transcript for Trump asserts executive privilege on Mueller report
We begin on Capitol Hill the House Judiciary Committee is moving forward to hold an attorney general Barr. In contempt of congress for not complying with the subpoena. They wanted him to turn over the fully under exacted. Mueller report but now we're learning that president trump has used his executive privilege to withhold the reports I want to bring in Mary Bruce on Capitol Hill marry. Well. Pretty remarkable Kimberly discusses this. Vote here was getting under way we learn from the White House that the president is in fact deserted asserting his executive privilege. Over all of the material that this committee has been trying to subpoena trying to get their hands on. And for weeks now the House Judiciary Committee has been demanding dependable on redacted mulled a report and all of the underlying evidence. Now in the statement today the White House essentially says that the Democrats here are armed. We're just getting a political ploy the White House that to distract. From the president's agenda in this statement the White House says essentially the Democrat didn't like the results. Of the Muller reports and now they want a re do the White House is essentially putting their foot down and saying that they are not going to. Allow the Justice Department to comply with any of these request it comes of course at house Democrats are now voting and will likely. Acts to uphold the attorney general in contempt of congress for his refusal. To turn over the full un redacted mullah report isn't aid relief that it incredibly unusual. Step for Democrats here to take and the practical implications of this. Remains to be seen but it is unlikely that anything about Democrats didn't hear today are gonna get them access to information that they have been demanding what it is likely to do that happened relieved that op. Eight massive lengthy court battle over the president's decision now to assert executive privilege and means demands. From congress you have this fundamental clash a constitutional powers essentially the president is saying look. The administration has been transparent enough they've handed over as much as he now wants to hand over quite that house Democrats saying the president hasn't. Stonewalling their constitutional oversight authority do you have a real clash here between the two sides of Pennsylvania Avenue in two branches of government. Over the mullah reported when women are they going to who's going to see the full report if they ever well Kimberly. Yen just just taking a moment on the executive privilege if he does assert this what exactly happens. Bulletin at reminder of what it executive privilege here is aiming this to protect the country not the president not his. Political interest and this will likely be coming to the courts will ultimately look at does the president have the power to him as third and use it his executive privilege to try. And and prevent members of congress prevent the public from seeing it. That the full on redacted on the report and the underlying evidence it's something that isn't rarely used to sort of find ourselves I think a lot of people are digging through. That the history books neurological trying to figure out what exactly this means in the implications of it and all of this just breaking. A short time ago as a right now there are a lot of questions about the implications of this but essentially what it means is that right now. That house Democrats here. Taking in an incredibly an usual step. Coupled the attorney general in contempt of congress and you have the White House putting their foot down and saying if you're gonna do that when the word but even getting information you want. Yen I'm just curious how does this impacted dom again testifying. And I'm very good question I wish we had an answer for you the house Democrats have subpoenaed him they want him to testify here later this month. It remains to be seen whether the fact the president is asserting executive privilege over all of the subpoena request your does that also applied. To Don McGinn wanting to testify enforces the former White House counsel he was a key witness. In the mall or report will we be hearing from him here. I don't know yet and also what does it mean for Robert Mueller remember that Democrats want to hear from and they want to hear exactly from Mueller himself. About this report they especially want to hear why the special counsel declined. To make a determination on the question instruction in justice they have been in communication with Muller's team they denying. Next week as a possible date but so far. Muller's team has not committed to that date even though the attorney general has claimed publicly that he will not. Seen in the way of that request. All right Mary thank you. So much. I wanna go to Melissa Murray she's a New York constitutional law professor at NYU. She's on the phone with us. Melissa I just want to ask you obviously n.'s Mary was discussing we have to. Branches of government that are fighting a how does this all play out I think people are a little bit confused. Buying or perhaps you pray to the conflict but it usual about an able to actually negotiate a battle met that work triple site which is usually the case making mean about the third branch of government. We'll have to be involved in that vote likely go to the court. Part time courts have grappled with the question of executive privilege but in the past they've noted that while the president had executive privilege is not absolute. And L eight. I'm for issues that national security or to prevent the disclosure of personal or hide information. But a blank app that let's let the undecided by the administration is really a quick call. Yeah and so it just seems like it's a never ending cycle do we know how long this process would. Actually take to get all of this sordid. Well call it to go through mr. court and let an intermediate appellate court went on to the Supreme Court but not enough Sydney beat back track. I'm it is backtracking that the same court that aren't I guarantee that it's John Rocker here at many expect. If they're real and additional actual worried about the court recchi and legitimacy to the public. Support work site with the president on that particular tape I bought it would be. Locke went public that the number Elkhart since that would began looking at something to keep their that the seriously out as the court weighed their options there. All right Melissa married thank you so much for joining us we appreciate that.

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{"duration":"6:02","description":"Trump's decision comes as the House Judiciary Committee votes to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62909942","title":"Trump asserts executive privilege on Mueller report ","url":"/US/video/trump-asserts-executive-privilege-mueller-report-62909942"}