Trump commemorates D-Day on last day in England

The president and the Queen of England mark 75 years since D-Day with a ceremony.
4:26 | 06/05/19

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Transcript for Trump commemorates D-Day on last day in England
And we begin with presidents from continuing his state visit overseas taking part in a ceremony commemorating the 75 anniversary of the president joined world leaders on the stage including French president Manuel not crone. British prime minister Teresa may and Queen Elizabeth herself so. I want to bring in panel in Portsmouth England with more. Desperate and interestingly hasn't it because there has been a celebration of the special relationship between Britain and America. There's been some politics the president and says himself. In some very sensitive issues here in prison but today it was really about all honoring the men and women who took part in. Wimbledon preparations that we just haven't looked passes see here can't imagine today could you see some. Pleasure cruise around here released people who got a jail ideal live on ABC. Hung dead days pleasure cruises now that. If we went back senate divide his financial part what you would have seen off. Thousands and thousands of posts with America and Canadian British and and French servicemen already to go across a channel to France to risked their lives to save Britain and to save Europe. From Nazi occupation and pulls those walls the main area where the happen on the fifth of October June 4 two full. The disease will really rough so it was eventually put back. To June in the safe so just up the road that president Trombley say together with the queen two reason may Emanuel mark wrong. The Canadian prime minister or gathered for a solemn ceremony to all to remember bettors. Who sacrificed their lives those who risked their lives. In other words to two to allow people to come here today and enjoy this kind of freedom. And Ian just give us a reminder of what else is happening on his trip in Europe. Yeah it was so this pretty much brings to an and his state visit to the UK. He's going over to Ireland to meet the Irish prime the T silk Aziz and and I believe diesels are gonna go and play some golf when he's an island but then the so the bugs essential fair it was been applied beaches in Normandy. Where they landed him with so Manning. Young men lost their lives I'm were wounded so the president is going marry again with the world leaders who are gathered here today so tomorrow in some senses is the main day foot. Remembering how what happened 75 years ago and that will eventually bring to acquires the president's visits. Ended you. Were you able to get sort of a feeling. The people in England as the president heads out of the country like what what is the feeling as he leaves. Here you know ought. Just as Britain is divided over Bre X having a load brits are divided over Donald Trump is well. I think certainly in London what we sold the protests that London is overwhelmingly gangs the whole idea of a state visit and a state visit is a great Salma. The queen is hosted a 113. State visits she's met twelve of the last thirteen president's. Said this isn't no small thing bid them call the circumstance the expense of security expands. Is a big thing and many brits felt. That this shouldn't have been bestowed on don't want Tom. But because they go to anything games America but because they don't necessarily like the man the Paulus is the words to deeds but that isn't true hold brits are people here who do like Donald Trump and do realize the whether or not you like the presidents of the United States. The special relationship between the two countries is something I absolutely has to be protected. A take back to why we hear what took place hastened to -- years ago who Denny thanks to the help of the United States. The brits and remained free of Nazi occupation according to many people so that relationship is really important and that's why some people went soft on Donald Trump then. Not many people expect and I'm site the protest that took place. I would like 2030000. People that it wasn't actually that big. I think bricks off frankly sick and tired of the protests in the arguments but politicians ever Bre X it. People want to get on with their lives and what really in the mirror its collapse in great numbers just to oppose the president. All right Ian panel break in and down in port Smith's thank you so much for joining us we appreciate that.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"The president and the Queen of England mark 75 years since D-Day with a ceremony. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63506734","title":"Trump commemorates D-Day on last day in England","url":"/US/video/trump-commemorates-day-day-england-63506734"}