Trump heads to Nashville for fundraiser

President Donald Trump travels to Nashville for a rally and fundraiser while the possibility of a North Korea summit is still up-in-the-air
6:39 | 05/30/18

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Transcript for Trump heads to Nashville for fundraiser
That's president Donald Trump on his way through Andrews Air Force Base about it often a helicopter wouldn't be. Flying from Andrews to a campaign rally tonight in Tennessee. A working on behalf of the Republican senate candidate down there hi everyone I'm ABC news political director Rick Klein joined here by Serena Marshall the president not taking any questions. As is about to get on the plane I should be an interest think campaign events tonight given some headlines that we're gonna get to. But let's start with some breaking news now we we the top weapons negotiator for North Korea is had its United States will be in New York. Later today set to meet with the secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Serena was just a week ago that the president sent that letter. It's not Madonna and it certainly looks more on then off if you're having meetings like this suddenly talking about all of the the necessary discussions you might have to have if you are going to have a summit. June 12 I told everyone a couple is go don't don't cancel your point that it's now. Keep this plane ticket but pressure. I mean this is something today is still on right now it could go off at any moment again but like you said. Having that top North Korean negotiator in the United States traveling here. After those four in advance teams went to Singapore to trying prepped things as well you know this. Is looking more and more likely it's on but it still such a condensed time train wreck it's really a question of will they be a political I mean June 12 is right around the corner we heard from the White House just last week on a briefing that that's just attends fest is ten seconds a lap. And so whether and I it they'll be able to come to terms on what they want to discuss at that meeting. I think the bigger question because we heard promises from North Korea lot of these issues we've been talking about again. In the past and so will they bring anything new to the table and can trust them. And the president has so much riding on this meeting he's he's mused openly about the Nobel Peace Prize. Of course the cancellation of the meeting it seems more and more now in retrospect like it was of a strategic move. We'll definitely he treated about he said. He mentioned the North Korean meeting taking place and he said heading out and you work solid response to my letter thank you so he's saying the reason that this is back on. Is because he'd pulled out of the meeting from not letter and this is after the north Koreans. Apparently didn't show up for some of these planning meetings and so they're saying we put the pressure back on them and how to show up but again it's a question of what is denuclearization lean mean and what does it look like to the north ends. In the past we've seen before promise to and the Korean War that hasn't happened. We've seen them promise to not doing nuclear tests within a year they were prominent they weren't doing nuclear test that was back in front 20052000. Sex. And now we've also seen in the past blowing up for actors like we saw last week in fact they global cooling tack cooling tower for reactor then a few years. Was the one has now made all of that nuclear material that they are trying to shut down again so does this actually mean anything and can't words be trusted. Or will anything and that negotiating room really. Leave us backed where we work Kenny. Council seat the president talks about that tonight he also sweeting over the weekend about immigration it's been in the news quite at bit. Over the weekend there a couple of different story lines that that converged in a in the imagination of Twitter and a lot of people they're commenting on and also in the president's mind. And he ended up tweeting that he wants to put pressure on Democrats to end any program that that separates people that come here illegally from their children. A lot going on in at least there's a hold of somebody give her story lines that that actually aren't connected. There's some story lines that are being completed for sir I think we need to separate out what these two story lines are. First you have the story of where the children those 15100 unaccompanied minors who are so called missing now what's going on here is. Back in the fall in the spring these are unaccompanied children meaning no parents accompanied them to the border they were alone. When your alone traveling to the border under eighteen your immediately and each has custody and travel. The least restrictive. Holding placed or lifestyle for the child often times that is with the family member sometimes as with Foster parents or a charity of some sort now. In testimony someone from that I teach us office said they weren't able to contact 15100 of these are so children. And their sponsor families the question then becomes where these sponsor families feeling members of the children are placed let. Or were they Foster parents or eight orphanage of some sort and if they were family members and he's couldn't contact them on the phone. Are they really lines OK yeah or they just not been contacted on the phone because there with the family member if they're placed in a Foster care environments or wit a an orphanage in the can be reached then you have a whole different set of problems here for the unaccompanied children. Now separating from that is this thing of separating the am is that's a whole separate issue is of the new policy and the trump administration something they're actually doing before they fully announced the policy. Where if you cross the border illegally meaning not at a port of entry but anywhere between those official ports of entry. You are breaking a lie it's a misdemeanor technically and therefore we are going to prosecute to the full extent of the law. When he prosecute someone for crossing the border illegally. That initially implicates the parents. As an illegal Prosser and they'll put them into a holding facility pending of these administrative and hearings and not a child can't put into that system that the prison. Right so they take this child they separated from the parent company into one of these unaccompanied minor situations. And so it. This is a new policy because under the previous administration they did not process these family units for crossing the border illegally. Because 98%. More of these only in it were claiming asylum. If you they granted asylum in that. Illegal crossing goes away and it no longer matters anymore because now you're an asylum seeker and so there's no point and and in their minds in the Obama administration folks' minds of clogging the court systems with these cases. Illegal crossing when in fact we're gonna give them asylum in the end because they are legitimate asylum seekers. And so diet you're seeing he's feeling as being separate and whereas before. The administration's would keep the family units together put them an eight Stanley detention facility. And tell those asylum claims and tell those. Court cases are settled. But technically this is a policy that these if he that they hit the trump administration is pursuing tonight. It's as a zero tolerance policy that they are pursuing because they have. Prosecutorial discretion meaning they can choose what cases to focus on we're gonna focus on MS thirteen and the gang that and the gang members are we gonna focus on his family units that are claiming asylum. And if we prosecute these gasoline that are claiming asylum where there by separating the mom from the child.

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{"duration":"6:39","description":"President Donald Trump travels to Nashville for a rally and fundraiser while the possibility of a North Korea summit is still up-in-the-air","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"55530691","title":"Trump heads to Nashville for fundraiser","url":"/US/video/trump-heads-nashville-fundraiser-55530691"}