Trump holds informal press gaggle on FBI report, North Korea and more

Trump said Paul Manafort "has nothing to do with" his campaign, and defended his call for Russia to be allowed back in the G-7.
18:30 | 06/15/18

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Transcript for Trump holds informal press gaggle on FBI report, North Korea and more
Don't usually it happens this energy I think what we it was a disgrace our thinking goes down as the worst FBI director in history by far this nobody plus. And I think I do wish you tremendous case by Farrakhan. You don't past about I don't know why I think actually if you if you take a look. What he totally exonerated here. Through it physical overcome injury. Completely at 12 and then picked off three totally it senator. If anything you're saying is correct what she did is they tried to pretend it didn't happen. I when he got out there and I would had the greatest news conference history they tried to ten days generation didn't happen now. This generation was incorrect because there's no way they could reject that number of emails in just a few days. What have you remembers what election he went out and he exonerated here. And they'd need to talk about it that was the greatest political mistake yeah I'd win all of that being said captain I want Wisconsin. When Michigan I went states that. You know republic hasn't won him many decades years. She. Didn't do that job and having it be good if it could agree to but the fact the. Little as the president and by all our polity president of Fox News report this week that. I did deputy attorney general rob rose and kind of news here is pushing back and threatening to investigate. The congressional investigators who just want documents do you think that that. Well I hope that's not so are they getting documents and I purposely did you see what I've done week. North Korea had with the State Department Mike campaign coach running so well. It's I have just running so well. I have purposely because of this ridiculous witch hunt. I have said I'm going to stay away from the Justice Department is deliciously did so I wanted to stay away now that does it have to because they don't have to like getting. But I don't like you people decision image of hearings. That I'm doing anything I think that the a report yesterday it may be more important than anything you're totally exonerates me. There was no collusion there was no obstruction. And if you read the report you'll see. Yeah well I'm yours yeah I know what you'll really see. It you'll see bias against me and billions and tens of millions of my always. That is really just. Yeah the end it all doom and yet if you look at the FB. And you what did you pulled the accurate and the real lefty. Those guys love me and I love my. And Mueller are you thinking of how but I think I think that whole investigation. Owens is look. The problem with the smaller investigation is everybody's got massive conflicts. You have Fleischman was that Hillary Clinton's funeral meaning her party that turned into a camera. And that was screaming and crying into Illinois and how can you have people like this so yup I go on the thirteen angry Democrats. Who have. Tremendous animosity and here's the good news I did nothing wrong there was no collusion there was no obstruction. The IG report yesterday went a long way to show that and I think that even collar investigation has been totally discredit. And so. Passionately about the circumstances that lag time I. I don't want your death in the same breath you're defending now can Johnson's human rights records. How can you do your life. Because I don't want to see nuclear weapons destroy unions and rock. Music I don't want to be extradited because number I don't want to see a nuclear weapon. Destroy you and your family I want to have a good relationship with North Korea I want to have a good relationship with many other countries. And what I've done if you remember if you're fair which most of you are right. Shouldn't your fare when and people but we will probably going to war with north Koreans and we. I hear it if we did millions of people would have been killed. Academy Awards the hospital she was 600 that Seoul has when he easily as people thirty miles off the border. You would have had 304050. Million people killed who knows what would have happened. I came in that was what I inherited they should have never heard that you have been so long before it got there. I did agree jet this week. The big news at all human the only thing they sure that I gave up one maverick gets sick he gave us a luncheon and gave up I met. I actually had great chemistry can give us a lot. You haven't had a missile tests didn't sevens and you haven't had a fight you haven't had a nuclear test. Did eight and a half months you haven't had missiles flying outreach opinions. He gave us the remains of a great heroes I have had so many people begging me. Parents and fathers mothers daughters sons. Wherever I went could you please get there remains at my boy back. They're giving them back nobody thought that was possible yeah. Right pilots typically hears all this doing so much for us and now. We're well under way to get denuclearization and the agreement says there will be total denuclearization. Overdue insert foot that. So the only thing. I did was I bet. I got along with a great is buoyed we have a great chemistry again. It's a good thing now yeah. I love its people it is killing I can't speak to that I can only speak to the fact that. We signed an incredible agreement it's great and it's going to be great so total not because now the North Korea can develop and North Korea can become. A great country economically I think can become whatever they want but they won't be nuclear weapons and it will be a big deal yeah. Well yeah offered to halt. The military exercises self that without you little Jessie and his eligibility would do here is look at military I go to war games. I hated it from the day I can I sit why aren't we being 100 screens to work it just might turn the isn't it. They like is it we didn't we pay millions and millions of dollars from plains we'll of this. It's my dad I sit I'd like to hold. Because it's they had to be negotiating in doing it cost us a lot of money saved a lot of money. That's a good thing for so big guy with the united what do you mean it's now one user you wish Americans would soon about it and he's I'm kidding here understands. Now the US homeland you would see it. And bring out the bar yeah. Disagree and feel that way. Yeah. Well look at the battle of the united and former campaign manager under former lawyer down Romeo and legal troubles very well I feel badly about. A lot of because I think a lot of experience and I look at some of them when they go back several years that's kind of put has nothing to do with our campus. But I feel so I think I feel a little bit about it they went back twelve he has to get things that he did twelve years ago. The Oklahoma out of fort works for me for a very short period of time he worked for Ronald Reagan he worked for Bob Dole he worked for John McCain has termed it. He worked for many of the Republicans which he worked for knew what drove 49 days or something. A very short period. I feel badly for some people because they've gone back twelve years to find things about somebody. And I don't think it's right I don't think it's right that they burst into a lawyer's office on a weekend and early in the morning I'd never heard that before. I mean could you imagine if they burst into Barack Obama's lawyer's office it would not be acceptable it would not be acceptable. I mean that's really a terrible thing. Now I feel badly a lot of those people I feel badly for general Flynn he's lewis' helps he's lost his life. And then some people say he lied and some people say he didn't lie and then. Really it turned out maybe he didn't do. But how can you. You do that because. And who has lied boys come because they lied tremendous amount yeah. Bradley is there any consideration at any point of apart and I want to talk about that I want to talk about. Look sir I do want to see people treated fairly. That's what it's all about Mr. President I don't kid I don't like the day is so what I did with. The woman she's in jail for 23 years on Georgia's were other people around him the three months I thought it was a very there was what did I just at the twenty years let's look at it just three years. What about other folks you don't have Kim Kardashian and speaking alienated them to do you know. Yeah. Yeah. I'd write it my current calling my play. Look I did nothing wrong you have to understand that this stuff would come out a long time ago I did nothing is not the Easter. It's really not just congressional. Grant avenue like a little hotel he's your lawyer. No examples like everybody AG Edwards a lawyer and not when I always liked Michael. Are you he's a good person you and I think he's offered you to wonder what I know you're asking a question and joined in just want to know if you're worried if he's gonna cooperate with federal you know and a creator did nothing wrong got nothing about it and yeah. I shouldn't dictate this statement about don't let you must not talk about it. You know what that means I can tell relevant it's a statement to the New York Times the phony failing new Yorker just. Just waiting to clearly not a statement to a high tribunal judges. Consensus statement. Q the phony not to and he kind of yeah I think frankly shouldn't even speak out of the New York Times that they don't read phony story anyway although again. And an era there isn't the yeah Elliott GG UIG reports you've said twice now we didn't it was. Unrated you would prove they're still here region if you like the idea or report have been totally senator and do you have nothing to do take a look at our take don't take a look at the investigation take a look at I would started take a look at the horrible statements that he has struck the chief investigators and let's take a look at what he did with Hillary Clinton. Take our. Nothing do with pollute I want you an idea what you're asking me about being destructive should be fired I am amazed. That he struck is still at the end and so is everybody else that read every book and I'm not even thought about what I'm done about long before the report. These restrictions and vital to him and others can wins it would yeah. Higher credit. Republicans got and I discussed and a fantastic job at EPA but. You're seeing how will went you know they I'm not I'm not happy about certain things this. Yeah. Why are unhappy about certain things but he's done a fantastic job running the EPA. Which is very overriding but I am not happy he's do you eat I don't you know person in the the president every rip. Children being taken away from no I hate in order. I hate children being taken away the Democrats have to change they allow that's they'll call you. You aren't about life and that's that Democrats will we can change it tonight we can change your right now I want. That section they get votes you need their vote you. Nothing wrong. Controlled chambers of Condo that Americans dish is made by one vote we don't get it you need sixty votes and a White Sox. Excuse me we needed one. You know what verdict we need sixty. So we need ten votes we can't get offended everybody affected is. Do it's ironic that I'm. Yeah. Yeah we knew what question 08. One question yeah I'm a lot of kids children announced Dixie and can be taken care. Quickly beautifully and immediately. The Democrats force that law upon our nation he did I hate to see separation from parents and children. The Democrats can come to us as they actually are you all fairness we are talking. And they can change the whole border security we need a mall we gave border security we gotta get rid of catch and release you catch a criminal. You take his name year released him and he never shows up again he goes into our society and then we ended up getting them and it differed away oftentimes if he's killed somebody. We've got to change our lawless. Democrats have control because we don't have the votes are Republicans need we need more Republicans frankly and that's why I think we're gonna do so well. In the mid terms that because it that in because. We have the strongest economy in the history about nation we have the best jobs numbers in the last. 44 years top of Drudge the best job numbers in forty police. And announced a zero tolerance policy board on May seventh because Colin Miller no peace following followers he's following the law. A direct order and answer your question. Just asking me the same question over and over. He's following bowlers are simply. That was given to us and forced upon us by the damage there yeah. Apparatus that voted Democrat it gave us laws. I want is to be beautiful humane but strong I don't want favorite people coming and I don't want drugs coming in. And we can solve that problem didn't want me kill the Democrats your friends to whom Kendall. Write a great interview and said you're gonna spend. Father's Day weekend doing work and his editor an alcoholic North Korea we're gonna talk to and are very well amnesty to people who north Korean ministry to my people who over in Korea and not things happening and I will tell you this. We now have a very good relationship would North Korea. When I came into this job it looked like war not because of me but because if you remember the sit down with Barack Obama that you want to admit this. He said the biggest problem with the United States has and by far. The most dangerous problem and he said to me that we've ever. Because of its North Korea now that was shortly before it entered office. I have solved that problem that we're getting it. Memorialize. Adults it's my problem is largely self and part of the reason is we signed a very good. Our legal argument and doctors and more importantly in the document. I have a good relationship with Kim young woman that's a very important thing but I can now wait. And once I can now say well we have a problem I told him I gave a good very direct them. He can now call if he has any difficulty I can grow and we have communications. Are very good night people are shocked that this is the kind of bring in particular company's negative news understood thrown bombs all over the place. It's actually the opposite comic what we're building a military so strong 716. Billion dollars. Next year 700 this year we're building the military so struck nobody's gonna mess with the speed you know what I never want to news can. Talk nice place and they're really well. Oh yeah I'm here. And music making me well yeah hey Jeremy. The executive order and there isn't confident. We'll have a very strong American ridiculous is now if you read the agreement would much most of you didn't. Point counterpoint here deployed today including getting back car. The remains of our great heroes of the right of our great great heroes which made some people are crying switches so happy nobody's. Point gets to court. They set up means you met he met it's terribly him that I was at that meeting is a good thing that a bit the battle it was good for the United States it was just them. I hope we didn't China. They're very happy actually that much happier now they may not be as happy today because of what I was doing was straight you probably heard that I assume it's been announced by now. But we're putting tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of technology and other things because we have to because we've been treated very unfairly. But giant has been terrific prison if she has been terrific president ruled everybody we're all working together. Because in his yeah. On the people it is our belief. To follow through nineteen others think what we're going to Texas rusty dornin live in my pension back on the mortgage industry and I Charlotte and Amanda we're working indeed. Nuclearization history. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah it does really well I don't category was coming this summer. But it's possible that we'll maybe I don't I. I thought you know this all started because somebody would review has checkbook can be and the G-7 isn't should be in the G-8. The few years ago gluten was in what was called the G-8 I think it's better to have rushing in to have than to have Russia out. Because just like North Korea had just like somebody else it's much better if we get along with them than if we can't yeah. And I know it's kind present I don't know how lust scrimmage just say you understand this was long before I guess there just I want to make it so the big news hundreds of vertebrate. President Obama lost Crimea facilitates. Camera yeah. Well yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah it is because he didn't respect President Obama President Obama. Push Crimea. Because President Putin didn't respect President Obama didn't respect our country. And didn't respect you credit we've written President Obama not trump. When it's my folks don't tell you but President Obama. Gave away isn't that now President Obama might not going across the Red Line in the sand that he do I want it dries it. With the 59 missile hits but President Obama what he didn't go across the Red Line. What he gave away nobody. Now I'm home and President Obama. Gave away Crimea that shouldn't.

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{"duration":"18:30","description":"Trump said Paul Manafort \"has nothing to do with\" his campaign, and defended his call for Russia to be allowed back in the G-7.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"55926847","title":"Trump holds informal press gaggle on FBI report, North Korea and more","url":"/US/video/trump-holds-informal-press-gaggle-fbi-report-north-55926847"}